Please Pray for Katie

Many of you have been following Katie Manning’s struggle and we just got a tough update on their situation.  Please click here and pray for them today as Katie needed to be rushed back to the OR.

2 thoughts on “Please Pray for Katie

  1. Wow! I thought Dr. Reemtsen would be much older until I saw his photo.

    Glad you have such an incrdible team working for Rudy. Still praying for all involved. Hugs and kisses to all.

    PS: when checking Katie’s blog noticed a few other links and came upon a poem you and Trish may want to read.

    The Heart Poem @

  2. Dr. Reemtsen looks like a young boy who obviously has tremendous skill and a beautiful heart himself. Sounds like God is taking good care of all of you. Love and prayers, Jane and Joe

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