“Watching the President Show”

When Olivia called me this evening, I asked her what she was doing and she said, “Watching the President Show”.  Yep, that’s what Rudy and I are doing as well.  It’s Rudy’s first presidential election and he has been fast asleep most of the day.  President-elect Obama is about to give his victory speech but, with all due respect, I don’t think Rudy cares much about such affairs…when he is awake, he looks as if all he cares about is to be tube and line free.  Well, if the fluid around his lungs ceases to drain, he could get his wish to be free of at least 2 tubes…okay, I won’t go there yet but I can’t help but be encouraged.  There hasn’t been much change since my post this morning…the fluid output has remained the same.  No less but no more either.  I’m praying that, come morning, there will be no output at all! 

Rudy IS minus one of his arterial lines.  The a-line that was in his left hand has been bleeding pretty consistently the past couple of days.  This particular a-line was monitoring his blood pressure but has been in so long that it just started to wear out.  For now, they have not replaced it and are relying on a little blood pressure cuff wrapped around his ankle.  So, for tonight, his little hands are free.  We’ll claim any progress we can!  Thank you for your continued prayers!!!!!  Love to all from Rudy’s room…


3 thoughts on ““Watching the President Show”

  1. He looks so bright eyed and handsome on this new picture 🙂
    God is up to something !
    Much love and prayers !
    The Groves Family !

  2. Rudy is absolutely adorable . I am sending well wishes to you all. Thanks so much for keeping my friends daughter Katie constantly in your prayers as well. liz

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