At Least Two Steps Back…

It’s Monday just after 9pm and we’re trying to come to terms with a couple setbacks.  While the day started out with the potentiality of Rudy coming off the ventilator by this evening we’re back to an indefinite timeline.  Early on, the team decided not to rush things and wanted to see what another day of sprints would do.  Rudy made it through the first one fine, but didn’t seem to recover well.  Only 30 minutes into his second sprint, his O2 saturation was dropping too low and CO2 was getting higher.  These remained out of bounds after they put him back on the ventilator and his blood pressure was consistently low and different measures weren’t taking much effect.  We’re coming to learn that the number of people in the room and the frequency with which they come and go is an indicator that they are watching something closely.  One has to fight the temptation to bombard them with too many questions as they work to get an understanding of what’s going on.

Just before dinner, Dr. Abel told us that they suspect they are dealing with another infection.  Their worst fear is that it’s in the blood which would mean a 3 week course of antibiotics and certainly more delay in the weaning off the ventilator.  We spent some time wondering if this was “two steps up and three back” or “three up and two back” but either way it’s a setback and that just plain sucks (sorry, short on eloquence at the moment).  Physically, Rudy looks much better than he did during last Monday’s episode.  He’s been wide away all day, which could be because he’s working so hard to get oxygen.  Thankfully, he hasn’t been having any of the silent tantrums–I can only stand so many of those.  But his eyes jump about quite a bit which can be read as panic, but that might just be our frame of mind at the moment.

So tonight we pray for peace.  For Rudy, that he would be calm and be able to sleep a deep unpanicked sleep; that he would be protected from infection and that all the numbers on the gauges would stay where they should be.  For us, we ask for that same peace as we deal with so many things we can’t control–from Rudy’s condition to the indefinite timeframe this journey has for our family.

13 thoughts on “At Least Two Steps Back…

  1. Well, I have now tried to write the appropriate comment 5 times before deleting my thought. All I can say is- I’m sorry. I’m sorry for your struggles, for your hardships, and for the cross you have to carry as a family. This truly is a rocky road. All of us in the Katie Manning camp are pulling for you. Remember this- we are not two families joined by a shared heart condition. We are two families joined by a love of our children. The sun will come up tomorrow and we will all fight another day.

  2. Darn it…I was almost thinking I wouldn’t check before going to bed b/c Rudy’s been doing so good. Well, we will pray as you requested and pray for several steps forward and for Rudy to be calmed by your presence and God’s…

  3. Hang in there Rudy..we are still praying for you and your family. We have even added Katie to our prayer list.

  4. Maka just taught me how to comment back properly in this comment section. So, I hope you have been receiving my replies, wherever they have been going. Especially the bear comments. I just spent 2 hours reading Katie’s (and parents!) story. My heart is full. All I can say is that I am humbled.
    I just keep turning to prayer. I love you deeply, and my prayers for you are strong. What a journey. I really was filled with joy that I was able to hug you this morning, Trish. I can’t stop thinking about how special it was. It was a little gift from God for me. I continue looking out for Olivia for you. I, of course, continue to pray and pray for the little guy and both of you. Love love love love love love love love love,

  5. Not knowing how the night went, I’m praying this morning that Rudy had a calm, restful night and that whatever obstacle is in his way is breaking down. Keep your heads lifted up! I love you all!

  6. Lord, Jesus we know You are the only constant in our lives and so we implore You to continue to uplift us as we breathlessly await each day in this rollercoaster time in our lives. Give all of us an extra measure of strength and an extra measure of trust in You. Enfold little Rudy with Your love and give him relief. Please be with Rolf and Trish and the children, Oma and Opa as they endure the stress of their situation. Draw us close to You and we will continue to give You the glory for the way in which You impact our lives in so many ways. Amen

  7. My prayers are with you, and with Rudy, against infection, for the team caring for him, For God’s love to enfold you all. Wow, this is quite a road. Love you!

  8. I am so sorry for the setbacks brought to you all yesterday (it is so hard being on on the east coast and not getting these updates until what seems like an eternity after these things occur!) My heart breaks at the ups and downs you are struggling with. But I hold fast to the confidence that God is there with you, where we all can not be physically, and even more he is there with you emotionally and will give you the strength to make it through each day. His mercies are new EVERY MORNING! You are never far from our thoughts, our prayers, and the prayers of all our friends & extended family! Love to you all from the KY crew. Tori is praying every night for Rudy to get better!

  9. It is frustrating to go through set backs after such a good week-end, however, I am looking forward to the next set of victories, that will be longer and will bring forth ten steps ahead this time… Slowly but surely, he will gain strength, in Jesus’name.
    We are keeping the prayers up.
    The Groves Family

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