Sunday Afternoon with Dad

Well, Rudy and I have been living the good life today as Trish is running Livy home and stopping in for a night with the kids.  I’m here in a cozy recliner and we’ve been watching a happy afternoon of football, capped by the Giants pulling it out over the Steelers.  Deep down, I think Rudy is as elated as I am but he has rather understated ways of expressing it in his sleep.  He’s on two-hour sprints today, but we stopped the morning one at 1:20 as his heart rate went up too high.  They’re not sure why, but he was awake for quite awhile and then I came in and visited with the doctors for awhile so the commotion might have piqued his curiosity and kicked up his heart.  He’s now on his second one—fast asleep and we’re keeping the room quiet.  Things are looking good.  Sprint well, Rudy!  I’ll be here in the recliner.  Doing nothing.  Lazy Daddy.  Who’s the one who really needs the exercise?  If Rudy continues to do well on these two sprints, they may take him off the respirator tomorrow, so please pray to that end.  That would be such a fun milestone to hit.


Trish and I enjoyed having Livy here on her own.  She’s a compassionate big sister and loved going through the hand washing regimen, coming up to Rudy’s bed and then quietly whispering to him.  The doctors and nurses all liked her and she got set up with colored pencils and paper and began churning out masterpieces by the gross—hearts, flowers, puppy dogs and all kinds of things.  People like her drawings and they like doing special things for us—about every third person offered her a popsicle and every now again she would sheepishly go down the hall with them to return with green lips and a big smile. 


As I was putting her to bed last night, I asked her what her favorite part of the day was and she quickly said, “Going to the ice cream room!”  She went on to describe the vast array of popsicles and ice cream choices there were to pick from and said she couldn’t wait to go back.  I lovingly tucked her in, patted her head and turned to rant in the bathroom.  They’ve got an ICE CREAM ROOM here?!!!  So I’ve been tying myself over on free crackers from the cafeteria and ice chips for the last three weeks, but the little girl in pink is on the floor for less than an hour and gets to go to the ice cream room!!  I wonder if it’s got a whipped cream ceiling and waffle-cone furniture.  I must find this room—or just keep sending Livy to different nurses until I get my fill.  Stay tuned.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon with Dad

  1. Ice Cream Room! I’m definetaly coming back for another visit now!
    So glad to see Rudy’s getting stronger and working his way up to getting that tube out. I’ll be sending positive vibes from high over the Pacific on the way back to Saipan.
    Go Rudy!

  2. When does Rudy get to go to the ice cream room? What a bunch of moochers! Maybe it has sprinkle wallpaper!

  3. If you don’t have us crying, you have us laughing. A good sense of humor is a blessing and a great help during stressful times. So is a double-scoop of ice cream. 🙂 FIND THAT ROOM! 🙂

  4. No doubt the ice cream is why Rudy is now on 2 hour sprints – now you know what Livy was whispering to him…

  5. Rolf,
    you gave Vickie and I a much needed chuckle tonight! We’re glad to hear that you had a quiet day with Rudy but very sorry to hear about your struggle locating the sweeties in the hospital! Good luck with your mission. I do beleive that these hospitals would be better places if they had all the things we liked- I vote for a chocolate room…with marshmallows!

    Good luck in the week ahead.

  6. Ice cream is good but bike rides would probably be better. Your mother-in-law would have to comment !!!! Actually, I think ALL of the Geylings now in California deserve any treat they want.

    Rudy, sweet thing, we are praying you can get rid of that breathing tube. God, please let this be Your will.

  7. I believe I’ve read twice now about you coming into the room and Rudy’s heartbeat going up. I see the connection — don’t you? He HEARS your voice, a recongized voice, and his heartrate goes UP! Well, so much for my non-professional, but Nana two cents. I pray for a good day of breathing for Rudy, and eating ice cream for you, Rolf.

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