Rudy the Weekend Warrior

We were relieved to hear back from the lab today that the fluid around the heart was not the bad kind so there’s no need for a surgery to correct this.  Hopefully just a bit more time on the drain will do the trick.  This is a drain they don’t want to keep in too long so we’re praying it will do it’s work.  I believe we wrote last week about the interruption in Rudy’s thyroid function.  Dr. Reemtsen feels like these kinds of things could be a result of that as the body and its systems just aren’t as vigorous.

In case you’re concerned, Rudy has not been a couch potato this weekend.  He’s out there getting lots of exercise.  Today, it’s been three 90-minute sprints off the ventilator and he’s done beautifully–in fact, he was asleep for two of them (show off!).  Tomorrow they’re going to go for two hours at a time.  Go, Rudy, Go!

After being away from him for a few days, I’ve noticed a few changes.  His face does look fuller and when he’s awake, he’s very, very alert.  Please pray this trend would continue.  While anything can change, at this rate we might be looking at extubating him from the ventilator on Monday or Tuesday.

I had a good few days in Santa Barbara, being with the kids and seeing those I could around the mission.  I got to see Max score a touchdown at his flag football game, listen to Wilson drum, and take Livy back and forth to school.  Yesterday we went out for a bike ride on Ellwood Mesa at sunset and it was INCREDIBLE.  One of those clear evenings where you can see out to the islands over a still ocean.  I think I’d enjoy it on just about any day, but given the hospital cocoon we’ve been living in for the last three weeks, it struck me as even more beautiful.  Today, Livy and I made the drive down to LA as the boys were looking forward to playing at friends houses and were glad not to have to make the round trip.  Trish will probably take Livy back tomorrow and spend a day or two at home herself (kids–if you’re reading this–clean your rooms!!!)

Hope you’re having a good weekend!

15 thoughts on “Rudy the Weekend Warrior

  1. Rudy is doing so well! Such positive events to look forward to! We’re praying hard that Rudy will heal quickly and be able to breathe well on his own. Please let me know if you need anything…love to all!

  2. Oh my goodness. “kids clean your rooms!” That made me snort and chuckle. You two make a good team. It is wonderful to learn that the fluid was not the “bad kind.” And Rudy’s sprints off the ventilator… wow! What progress! Three 90-minute sprints! Very encouraging. Come on Rudy! Stella is waiting to meet her new playmate! 🙂

  3. Rolf we’re glad you were refreshed with that sunset! God paints for a purpose.
    So pleased the fluids were the OK kind…keep on goin’ Rudy!

  4. Watch out Max…Rudy istaking you on!!Congratulations to both of you–the touchdown and the 90-minute sprints. WAY TO GO GUYS.

    TRISH we hope you can be rejuvenated by a trip home also. Rolf and Rudy will be good while you are apart from them (right boys?).

    Dad is doing great at home this time and I am stuffing him full of calories like the dieticians at the Rehab Hospital did. This next week we have daily appointments with his doctors for checkups and tests. The pain is gone! Hallelujah.

  5. Great news! GO RUDY! Glad you could enjoy the weekend, Rolf. Praying all goes well with getting of the ventilator.

  6. I can’t tell you how HAPPY I am to hear about the fluid! And how amazing that right there in his controlled environment God is still doing the work of developing him and allowing him to kick and become more and more alert, etc. Just wait til he gets a little freedom…watch out you guys!

  7. I watch each day to see how I can pray for my friends, then I look the next day to see how faithful our God has been. All praises go to Him. I carry you all in my heart and prayers.

  8. Such wonderful news on Rudy’s progress! This just makes us smile–you must be very relieved to see Rudy breathing on his own for so long at a time now!

    Trish, I hope you and Livy will have a great time coming up to SB tomorrow…and that your time with your kids will be smooth and peaceful. It will be so nice for you to be home for a night or two!

    I read that your Dad is now pain free–what a God we have! Rejoicing with you all the way around!

    We’re continuing to pray…Love to you all!

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