10 thoughts on “Happy 3-week Birthday!

  1. Hi Trish, are you on your own for a few days? I can come tomorrow (Thurs.) if you want from about 12:30 til 2ish. How does that sound? Rudy is the cutest. I would love to see him if it’s a good time. Praying for you all!

  2. Happy three weeks ! Looking forward to one month, one year… and many more. May God grant you the patience to endure all this, and the grace to see you through it all.
    We love you guys and keep praying…
    Faith Groves, a Friend of Teresa Geyling.

  3. HAPPY 3 WEEK BIRTHDAY RUDY!!!! I know I can just walk down the hall to see you but we wanted you to have this for the future so when you look back and read all this you know how much you were loved by us too! We wish you the best today!! and everyday! Love from down the hall!

    Logan, Emma, Kaelee, Brett and Rayme Elliott

  4. Happy 3 weeks old, little one. We are so proud of the courageous fight you are performing and know you will love all of these comments when you learn to read.

    You and your mommie are sure a beautiful sight and I can’t wait until we can come out to see you and hold both of you tight.

    Grandpa Dick was jogging down the hallway with his therapist today and had a smile from ear to ear he was so excited. What a great leap he has made in rehab this week. You two are really something grand. Keep up the good work.

    I love you both so much, Grandma Jo

  5. Look at all that skin – no more bandaids. Looking good – both of you! His eyes tell it all – I love my mommy already.

    We love you, Aunt Cora

  6. You two are beautiful!!! Great to hear the comments by Grandma Jo that Grandpa Dick has made good progress!!

  7. Yay!! A big and blessed 3-week birthday!! These pictures too cute for words!!! May God continue giving you the peace, strength and every ounce of faith!!!

    Love to all of you!!


  8. Ps. 37:5 Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.

    Happy 3-week b-day to Rudy. he is obviously a fighter. grace and peace to you all
    Nick Willows

  9. Rud-ee! Rud-ee! Precious little baby–he’s made it 3 weeks and he can make it MANY more! We received your birth announcement yesterday, and proceeded to read your ENTIRE blog in one sitting this morning!! As always, we are amazed by how the Geylings handle what God brings their way…know we are praying for the emotional stresses and difficult decisions you face on a daily basis. Experiencing life with the Geylings is a treat for us, and we appreciate that you have invited us to walk though this part of life with you as well. We love you!!!

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