Slowing the Pace

Rudy had some challenges yesterday afternoon.  He began to struggle with his breathing more than the doctors wanted as the ventilator was progressively being turned down over a series of hours.  His blood oxygen saturation was consistently low and his digestion slowed significantly (an early sign of distress).  The doctors also discovered a thyroid deficiency and were also concerned about the level of fluid in his lungs (too much, so by late afternoon they decided that he needs to rest and gain strength for awhile.  They took him off breast milk and turned the ventilator back up to where it’s doing all his breathing for him and gave him time to rest.  So, he’s been on this course through last night and most of today.

The doctors have told us that they will always communicate clearly, especially if there are major complications, so we are trying to hear them very clearly that this is a setback, but not outside the scope of what they would expect in the treatment process.  It is a bit of a discouragement to have to re-adjust our timeline and realize we may be looking at a matter of a week or more rather than a few days to get him off the respirator.  So please pray for him to continue gathering strength and to give him comfort in this process–he’s continually more expressive and the soundless crying fits can be tough to watch.  There are increased risks of pneumonia for patients who are on ventilators too long, so please pray for protection from that and that the thyroid production would kick back in.  On a positive note, his kidneys continue to make good progress with the creatinine falling to 1.1 this morning.  This afternoon, they will do an Xray on his stomach to make sure that there’s nothing physiological interfering with his digestion.

I went to see Rudy at 6am this morning and since then we’ve been away from the hospital with the rest of our kids.  Please pray for them during this time.  Trish and I are trying to be wise in the way be balance life during this separation. The longer it extends, the more we will need to look at taking some trips home so that we aren’t just trying to cram time in with them on the weekends.  They are always eager to see us, but having to make the trip to LA too many weekends in a row could get old.

11 thoughts on “Slowing the Pace

  1. Just to let you know that we are praying every day for Rudy, and all of your family.God knows who to send a special child to and he choose your family.He will bless you for evermore.

  2. Praying that this delay will give Rudy time to get stronger and rally quickly… and for strength and wisdom for you as you spend time with the older kids.

  3. Hold strong friends. I can only imagine how this is wearing and weighing on you. Give little Rudy your love and we will keep on praying.

  4. Yippie!! It’s great to see that Rudy’s creatinine level is back to near normal levels-what a praise!! As his kidneys return to normal, that should really help with the fluid in his lungs, too.

    Sorry for the setback-even though he’s a strong, brave and set your own timeline type of guy, sometimes they can get “lazy” and like someone else to do the breathing for him. Praying that this rest is just what he needs.

    Enjoy your week-end time with the kids. This is my last week-end with Jantina before I head home to Lesotho… Wish I could make transport quicker for you and for me.

    May God continue to hold you all in His arms. As you know, He is in control and His timing is always perfect-although not always understandable.

    Love, hugs and prayers

  5. Just spoke with you on the phone Trish – can’t believe the strength that I hear in your voice with so much to contend with, emotionally. It must be true that God’s grace and mercy is given in perfect proportion to the need. But at the same time I know you are tired and weary. Matthew 11:28 and Lamentations 3:22-24. I will pray that you, Rolf, Wilson, Max, Olivia and Rudy will believe these with all your hearts! HANG IN THERE LITTLE RUDY!!!!!!! We can’t wait to meet you!!!

  6. Little Rudy, I think of you often and am praying for you throughout the day. May God renew and increase your strength. At the same time, may He give your Mommy and Daddy peace and rest and strength too. You have been born into a very wonderful family, Rudy. Lots of love to all!

  7. Our interest and prayers will continue for little Rudy and your whole family so that our compassionate and loving Lord will in overflowing mercy meet hourly and daily needs for each one in your family. Caring for you…Allan and Joyce A.

  8. Holding you all up in prayer as we also hold you in our hearts! Praying that El Shaddai grant you continued recovery, strength, peace, courage and rest in the shadow of His wings. Love to you all!!

  9. I’m sure I can’t even begin to imagine what your family must be going through but I do know from personal experiences of my own that God will see you through this. Sometimes you may have to pray for strength to just make it through the next 10 minutes then 10 minutes more and it may take a few hours or even days and you’ll realize yes you may be tired and bruised but you made it through. I pray daily for rest and peace for all of you and wisdom and skill for the doctors and nurses involved.
    Blessings to Rudy he’s a precious to this world .

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