Where’s Rudy?

We thought Rudy’s rig was worth documenting as it is quite impressive…Rolf can fill you in on each and every monitor and drip…all I can seem to focus on is the little monkey in the middle of it all.  No new major developments this morning, but we are a bit weary with the waiting.  The doctors do not see any cause for additional concern, but feel that Rudy needs to get stronger in order to make progress on the ventilator.  It seems they’ve made two attempts at progressively scaling back the ventilator this week, but he’s struggled to keep up.  So now they’re taking things at a much, much slower pace.  He is taking nutrition well, so hopefully this will allow him to get stronger and we would appreciate your prayers to this end.  Please pray that he would continue to make steady progress toward breathing on his own so we can get that tube out of his throat.  Yesterday he did seem to get pretty upset at times and that’s tough to watch–a full-on baby tantrum with red face and flailing arms and legs, but not a sound coming out.  I imagine we won’t be that bothered by the crying noise when it comes.

9 thoughts on “Where’s Rudy?

  1. Praying for endurance and patience for mommy and daddy and brothers and sister…you are the most amazing family to go through this grace of suffering…So many of us love you too much to forget to pray for our little hero!

  2. I pray for Rudy and his family the very first every night. I love you and think of you each time I sit at the computer, too. Hugs. Donna

  3. WOW – with all the closeups we had no idea what the big picture of the room looked like. That is really impressive and intimidating. Where do you fit in there? Josh was doing a little practice with a new program he got at school for making a slideshow/documentary project, and he used all the Rudy pics. He’s a star! Love you!

  4. Trish!!!!! I am praying for you and Rolf and Rudy and the family. I left you a couple messages tonight live from an Amy Grant concert in Irvine. We had tickets and then our friends pulled us up to sit with them in the front row. Couldn’t help but think of you when she was singing “Saved by Love.” It was a lot of “Lead Me On” songs and so nostalgic. So that was me calling just putting the phone up to the music. Love you, friend! Hang on!

  5. Rudy, keep eating and gaining your strength…and when your lungs are strong enough to scream like you’ve been wanting to, I can’ t wait to hear about it. We love you here in Novato…

  6. Praying that Rudy is able to come off of the ventilator soon. I remember how heart breaking it can be to see the crying and not be able to hear any sound coming out. But now……our little man is talking, yelling, crying machine!! 🙂
    It will come. Rudy is heading in the right direction. Once they are able to extubate and you can hold him, you will forget about how hard it was to wait!
    Cheering him on from CT. !
    Amy Fiorillo
    Mom to Emma Ann and Jack 2 (HLHS)

  7. Technology is our friend. That’s what Rick keeps telling me when I get frustrated with the computer and cell phone!

    My world is so uncomplicated!! Just watching Dad manuevering the walker is a piece of cake compared to Rudy’s “rig”.

    Dear Jesus, when we pray, you promise you hear us. So many all over the U.S. and even overseas are praying for all of us, and especially Rudy and Grandpa Dick. We are impatient but you meet every need so help us all to trust and wait on You. Thank you for your love and healing and especially your guidance each day. We rest in your arms.

  8. I continue to pray daily!!! The picture on the Announcement, with all the kids together brought tears to my eyes. I can’t wait for a picture of YOU nursing him in your arms. What a day that will be!

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