Mike from Saipan!!!

Look who stopped by to see Rudy today!!!!  Mike from Saipan…see our October 9th post entitled “Another Member of the Brian Reemtsen Fan Club” (link below).  Mike is preparing to return to Saipan soon and made a stop to meet Rudy during one of his last visits to UCLA.  What a treat to meet him…such a nice guy and such a small world. 



2 thoughts on “Mike from Saipan!!!

  1. He has such long little fingers!

    And for everyone out there who can’t get by to see this little guy I was amazed at just how comfortable he seems. He was awake most of the time although I think he was wishing there was a little less commotion so he could get some shut eye. After all, babies sleep during the day and stay up all night!

    It was a pleasure meeting all three of you and as you already know there are a whole lot of people putting a whole lot of good thoughts behind your little guy! He’s in good hands there with Dr. Reemsten and the all the great staff at UCLA.

    Here’s to another good and steady day tomorrow!


  2. Rudy, hello! I know that you can’t read this yet, but I guess its the thought that counts. Friends and whole churches all over the country are praying for you and our family.

    I received your birth notice today. I’ll have it in a frame so I can show you off at the S.B.R.M. Sober Club meeting tonight. The men here have also been keeping abreast of your progress.

    May you thrive in God’s grace.

    Steve S.

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