Closing Time!!

Closing Time!!

Trish and I arrived at the hospital just 15 min ago and were let into the CTICU by Dr. Reemtsen who said he was going to be back in 30 min to close Rudy’s chest. Much quicker than we expected but the team is so pleased with his progess that there’s no reason to wait.  Despite how it sounds, this is something they’ll do in his room and will last about 30 min. They should be starting in 15-20 min.

6 thoughts on “Closing Time!!

  1. This is such good news in the midst of the other hard news you are dealing with. I will pray that it goes well and heals up well! Go, Rudy! I just wrote Wilson, Max and Olivia cards and Kylie drew a picture for Olivia. Will get that mailed soon along with the spider hats craft I am sending them all. And Oma and Opa get to make one too. Can’t wait to bring you homemade food when it works for you!

  2. Rudy is representing the family well — he is truly an exceptional child (not unlike his siblings and cousins!) Our other family patient is doing well…I was with him at lunch and he was smiling and animated. We’re trying to figure out if they gave Dad a happy pill or if the surgeon perhaps nicked the “happy/chatty” switch in his brain during the surgery! Having not slept since he awoke from surgery, he is either going to crash big time today or they will have to sedate him. Either way, it is good to see him smiling and not hurting too much….God is good!

  3. Hi dear friend, what good news to see this morning. We’re rooting for Rudy over here!
    Also, would it be of any help if Olivia wanted to come stay with us for a few days? She could be closer to you guys then. Just a suggestion…let me know what you think. Much love to you all!

  4. Thnaks be to God that Rudy is such a fighter.
    We love him and cant wait to see him again on the Weekend.
    Bussi Oma and Opa

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