4 thoughts on “Putting a face to a name.

  1. You guys, I JUST found out from Allison what all was going on…I can’t believe all that has happened in the last week and how strong all of you are, most of all little Rudy. When I called you last week on your cell Trish and we got cut off, I guess he had already been born? I just wanted to send my love and say how happy and grateful to God I am for Rudy’s awesome progress. To say all six of you are “troopers” is a gross understatement. Love you and our prayers continue to be with you…

  2. Hey Rolf & Trish…Sadly Glio Blastoma sounded too familiar to me. I checked with my Dad tonight, and that is the cancer my mom fought 20 years ago. Of course there have been so many medical advances in the last 20 years. My Dad still has contact with the leading cancer doctor who treated my mom (He now has his own cancer center in Orange County.) and would gladly arrange a consultation for your Dad, Trish, if that felt helpful. I imagine they could do something by phone if they had his films, etc. shared with them. Anyway, I know you have way too much on your plate at the moment, but if this seems at all helpful, just flag me. Love to you all…Michelle

  3. I love that picture!!! I’m praying for both of them…but esp. your daddy, Trish!
    This week I learned from Mark 2 and also Psalms that God is FULL of com-
    passion. I’m grateful that He holds you all compassionately in His hands!
    Ann for the clan

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