Surgery Update

Just got a call here in the waiting room that gave us a start. Way too early. The OR nurse just wanted to give us a report that everything is going fine, bypass is set up, and Dr. Reemtsen is starting the critical part of the procedure.  Glad they keep us posted, I guess. We’re praying and trying hard not watch the clock. But I know full well when 40 minutes is up. Please pray.

4 thoughts on “Surgery Update

  1. We may not be there, but David and I both are right here with you. He texed me to let me know that he has and is still praying as I am. Thank you for keeping us posted. We will stay posted so we will know when Rudy comes out of surgery.I am sending a hug to both of you. Love us

  2. I just read the latest update and a word that came to my mind was “the Lord surrounding us with his favor”–right now that sounds like a group hug to me and I just want you to know that Lori and I are right there with Him and everyone else on this group hug–praying for this crucial situation…Rich

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