Rudy’s Out!!!

Dr. Reemtsen just came to us at 11:50 am.  The surgery went very well and without any major issues.  More detail later, but we are pretty overwhelmed and so glad this morning is over. They’ll take him up to the floor in about 30 min so we’ll give them some time to get him settled in. Can’t even figure out what we’re feeling, but just grateful to God to be sitting out under the blue sky with a huge weight lifted off us.

16 thoughts on “Rudy’s Out!!!

  1. God is Good! Between TLC prayer tree updates and this blog, it has been a blessing to be able to send up the right prayers at the right time. Peace, Lisa

  2. Praise God! We are so excited the surgery is over and that Rudy did well through it! Continued prayers as the weeks of Recovery begins, but especially this first very critical one!

  3. That is such great news. Stay strong! I am sure you are very anxious to see your little man and I am sure that he will be so happy to have you back by his side.
    Many prayers for Rudy!
    Mom to Emma Ann and Jack (HLHS)

  4. Thanks for the update! Prayed the dear Lord would keep Rudy in the palm of his hand this morning. Love to all.

    Mrs. M.

  5. As Wilson said, “Whew! Awesome”.

    Praise God and praises to the medical team. As we take this one day at a time, we can expect further advancement. Our little grandson is tough! Kisses to all of you.


  6. oh thank you Lord! We will keep praying for the next days ahead. I know The Holy Spirit is helping you. Just let Him carry you along right now. Love you guys so much!

  7. Fantastic!! I think Rudy is going to wear his scar with pride and knowledge of how many people were praying for him, and what a gift his life is. Our hugs to you, prayers continue, now adding your father as well!

  8. We got your package this morning and have all been proudly wearing our blue bands and shooting up little prayers all day. Won’t take them off though! Hooray RUDY!! Hooray Drs! Hooray Aunt Rolf (yes, that’s your latest name around here after I mixed it up too many times) and Aunt Trish.!

  9. Modern medicine is so mind-blowing, but the merciful miracles of our Lord are beyond anything we can imagine. Praise God for all of the Drs, nurses, staff, Oma and Opa, and the legions of “Rudy fans” who are praying on bended knees! What a story Rudy will have to tell…

    Love, hugs, and aloha to you all!!

    Pam, Mark, Marley, and Lauren 🙂

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