This made my day!

In case you didn’t pick this up from my comment entry, we’ve formed a unique friendship thanks to the blogosphere.  Check it out… entry for October 2nd.  We are so glad for Alan and Vickie and the way their courage and candor give us a model to emulate.  Please pray for Katie as you pray for Rudy.

I’ll write more of an update later… Trish is taking care of some photos on her laptop right now.  It’s 10pm and we’ve had a low-key day here at the hospital.  They moved Rudy from the NICU to the CTICU (ha, I know more acronyms than you do)–that’s from the newborn ICU to the Cardio-Thoracic ICU, so the surgery team can monitor him over the weekend.  Surgery is scheduled for Monday morning.  Trish is doing well after delivery and was able to move more freely as the day went on.  We’re pretty tired, but still too much adrenaline to sleep.  The kids were pretty excited to have a new baby brother, but also thought the milestone deserved a day off of school.  We’re making it up for them tomorrow as they’ll get to come to LA and see Rudy.  The Drs. say that things look as good as they can, but as we get closer to surgery on Monday, things could get a bit more difficult for Rudy as his half a heart can only go so long.  Right now he’s got a good number of tubes in him, but looks cute as a bug’s ear, so we’d love for the kids to see him sooner rather than later.  Thanks for reading and for not letting us walk this one alone.

10 thoughts on “This made my day!

    CONGRATULATIONS ON THE BIRTH OF RUDY. HE IS SO CUTE . I WILL BE PRAYING FOR RUDY JUST AS WE DO FOR BABY KATIE MANNING. People in CT are rooting for Rudy. I am really happy that he arrived safely. I have been following your blog for a bit now. Enjoy your weekend with all the kids they are all so cute. liz horvath BRIDGEPORT,CT

  2. As parents of an HLHS boy, Rudy’s and Katie’s stories bring back a flood of emotions. We can only send our prayers and support across the miles, and remember that people are out here with victory over HLHS. Rudy can do it too! Your love and positive attitudes will bring you down a road you never thought you’d be on, but one that will strengthen your belief in the human spirit. Congratulations of a beautiful baby boy who is sure to bring happiness to your family.

    Mom to Nick, HLHS age 9

  3. All of Covenant and Pine Valley Conference Center are praying for you….a web of email prayer chains! This is so amazing! God is good and he’s with you…We love you!
    Grace and Marlin

  4. What a blessing to see the pictures. Oh how much we are praying for this precious one and for you guys. Blessings dear ones…

  5. All three of you look so great. God is good all of the time!! You are deeply in our prayers. Thank you for the Rudy braclets it is a constant reminder to keep praying. May all of you have a legion of angels surrounding you always. We pray that the surgery will be smooth. That god will guide the surgeon every single step of the way. Amen!!!!! Love you David and Sherry

  6. Congratulations and greetings from Indianapolis. We’re praying for all of you especially Rudy. He looks like a little angel from the pictures and a true blessing from God. I hadn’t checked the blog in a few days and was so excited when I saw the pictures of Rudy, Mom and Dad. I was just upstairs putting the kids to bed and saying prayers adding a special one for Rudy and the family. Our prayers are with Rudy and all of those taking care of him.
    Beth, John, Nicholas and Allison

  7. What a beautiful, precious baby! Please inow that all of First Baptist Church in Lawrence, Kansas, is praying for all of you… parents, Rudy, siblings, doctors and nurses. e will be busy Monday morning!



  8. Dear Rolf, Trish, Rudi and suppporting crew and staff!
    We love you and are praying, constantsly, for you all.
    Hugs and love!!

  9. Dear Rolf, Trish and family, It is so special to meet little Rudy and see his picture on our computer. Thank you thank you for share this time with us via bloggerland. We will be praying for you and your family — for Little Rudy, for rest for his parents, Trish’s Dad, and wisdom from above as the Lord guides the doctor’s hands in surgery.

  10. I am praying for you all. It was great to see you two at the Bayou and your faith and strength is amazing. I love you guys!

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