Clinton Rudolf Born!!!

Our beautiful baby boy
Clinton Rudolf Geyling

4:16pm Clinton Rudolf got here. Trish did very well and got to hold him briefly before they took him to NICU. He was about 6.5 lbs, vigorous and hollering. They are intubating him now and getting him set up there. The cardiac team is in there now doing their test I should be able to see him in an hour or two. God is good and so is the team here at UCLA. Hope the pic comes through. More soon.

23 thoughts on “Clinton Rudolf Born!!!

  1. He looks so healthy and full of personality!! God has provided and guided well!! Congratulations all of you and you are all in our prayers. Wonderful!!! Jannele, James, Mason and Jacob.

  2. Oh sweet precious baby! What a blessing and a miracle already!!! I was praying for him just this morning believing God for a miracle and I continue to stand with you my dear friends in prayer for your son. Let us know how we can be of support! Love you and can’t wait to meet him in person!

  3. He’s a beautiful, sturdy little guy! We’ll be praying that all the next steps will go smoothly. God is good!!! Blessings and congratulations, he is a keeper for sure!!

  4. He’s BEAUTIFUL!!
    Dad texted me this morning when you guys were heading to the hospital and I’ve been prayin’. =] He’s absolutely darling!
    Love to all! Give everyone a hug for me.

  5. We love you guys and are praying for you and Rudy. We just prayed that angels will sourround you and Rudy and that God will be near to you and give you strength.

  6. Congratulations!! Stevo, Emily and I have been praying every morning for Rudy’s heart! He is precious! Our prayers continue to be with you and the team at UCLA.
    We love you guys!

  7. wow….he’s doing it “his way”…..praying for God’s guidance and wisdom for the cardiac team, and peaceful spirits for mom and dad.


  8. We wanna hold him…what a sweet bundle! Our love and prayers continue. Gentle HUG! : )

  9. He looks great! He looks like a big, sturdy Austrian already! God is good and it is great to see Rudy. I love you guys and will continue to pray for you, Rudy and the Doctors. Congratulations!
    Love, KElly

  10. WOW! The little guy wanted to come early! He looks good and strong. Go Rudy, go! We love you guys and are praying. Let us know how we can help in LA.

  11. What a sweet little guy! God is good indeed. Will be praying for our little Bayou baby. Love and hugs, Dorothy

  12. He is absolutely beautiful!!! I can’t stop crying!!! God is so faithful and good! You remain in our thoughts and prayers!!

  13. WOWSERS! He’s amazing! We sent out a e-mail for prayer for you’s and Trish’s Dad. We love you all and know that the Almighty is with you.

    Grace and Marlin

  14. What a blessing this little boy is! I’ve been lifting him up and asking for wisdom for the doctors. He looks like he’s off to a good start with those chubby cheeks. We’ll be praying for you all. Hugs, Becky

  15. Wow! My computer breaks down for just 2 days and Rudy is born – he didn’t wait for “the plan” at all! So glad God can fast forward and “rewind” prayers to match the specific date and time. May God continue to be very near you all in the days ahead.


  16. Rudy is beautiful and looks like he’s ready to wrestle with those siblings! I just want to say Olivia told me you had the baby and she was telling me all about him (in the lunch line) and Wilson was VERY excited! Congrats…and take care, see you soon.

  17. Congratulations! He is beautiful! The pictures are wonderful to see. I am so thankful you were able to hold Rudy. He looks so strong! This blog is amazing and a gift to those of us waiting for news. Thank you for being so faithful to update it. I saw the kids at school today. Olivia proudly showed me a printout of Rudy’s picture and Wilson followed it with “now she is a BIG SISTER!” He also assured me that you, Trish, are just fine and so are they. You have FOUR wonderful children. 🙂 Congratulations!

  18. Congratulations!!! We praise God with you that Rudy is here and that his health is sooo good under the circumstances. We continue to pray for each of you in the family. Blessings…Curt, Ann and Luci

  19. Rudy is so beautiful! Congratulations! You DO make good-looking babies!
    We’re Ru-tin’ for ya!

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