Thank you for your prayers. My g-tube placement last Thursday went smoothly…Rolf and I arrived at the hospital at 10am and were out by 2pm. Unfortunately, my recovery at home was stressful due to a combination of me feeling particularly vulnerable & paranoid, the unexpected (last minute) demand on the whole family to care for me and emotional exhaustion in general. I can’t say I’m experiencing PTSD, per se, but I’m definitely feeling a certain level of post-traumatic stress in this most recent lifestyle change because we are not just adding to my daily care regimen but reinstating a well-worn routine that comes with a flood of memories of our boy. I’ve just been so sad and weepy and impatient and _________ (you name it, I’m probably feeling it). I’m praying all this emotion is just part of the adjustment process and won’t linger too long because it’s heavy and exhausting.

In addition, I’m praying the supplemental nutrition I’m able to get through the g-tube will make me feel healthier and stronger physically. I can still eat by mouth but I’m limited to soft foods (‘been eating lots of pasta and mashed potatoes lately!) and I usually stop eating not because I’m full but because I’m tired. I certainly haven’t had a full or balanced diet lately so there is lots of room for improvement! Hopefully we’ll see a notable difference.

As the struggle intensifies, you need to know that the encouragement that comes our way through your messages & gifts and special memory-making moments becomes sweeter, for sure. Thank you all for the encouragement and your ongoing prayer. It indeed uplifts and sustains! 🙂

One last honor for Olivia…League MVP!
A great night of music with family and friends on Saturday at Kyle’s Kitchen…so good! Keep an eye out for the boys’ next gig!

Brand new shovels and smokin’ stogies in honor of a great dad. Happy Father’s Day Rolf!

6 thoughts on “PTS…D?

  1. Oh Trish! I’m praying the anxiety and negative emotions go away quickly.
    Lord surround Precious Trish with Your unfailing love. Quiet her fears, anxiety and heavy emotions and replace those with Your joy. Give each of them Your peace as they navigate this new normal which is all too familiar. I thank You in advance for the work You are doing in Trish and her family today. Strengthen each one in You Lord! We ask this and praise You in the Mighty and Matchless Name of Jesus Christ. Amen!🙌🏼

    I love you sweet Trish. Sending huge hugs and love your way. 💕🥰

  2. It’s so wonderful that you find joy and encouragement from your friends words and prayers. It reminds me of a comment a boy I was infatuated with once said to me when summer camp ended…”When you look up at the sky look for angels not airplanes.”
    Trish, you are remarkably accomplished at finding the good in life and people – keep doing just that. Love Joyce

  3. I think your analysis is spot on, Trish. I have fallen down dangerously about 7 times since foot surgery in 2014 and I tell you, every time my shoe catches on a crack, my body and mind go into flashback mode, my hands fly out as though to catch a fall, and my breathing accelerates! This stuff is real, dear Trish, and I imagine you are reliving physical as well as deeply emotional memories as you walk thru this particularly evocative challenge. I am more sorry than I can say, but glad and grateful that you are talking about it. You are a truth-teller and a teacher – one that we treasure.

  4. Trish, thank you for continuing to share your journey. You must know that your words over the years are a balm for us all. That is you, Trish, always nurturing those you touch, no matter what you are going through yourself. To have you in my life is a gift. Thank you. Now be sure to get every nutrient you can any way you can! Love from the Great White North

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