A Sweet Tribute to Our Boy

My heart is deeply touched by Rolf’s dear colleagues who launched a precious tribute today for our little boy!  (I know, that’s a lot of descriptive verbiage but I’m excited.)

It is such an honor, I wanted to share it with you…


Naming rights are typically reserved for $100,000+ pledges.  What a generous gesture for our Rudy.  Oh, how he loved the time he spent at the rescue mission…especially the courtyard.  We have asked you to participate in fundraisers for organizations like the American Heart Association and Camp del Corazon in Rudy’s honor over the years and our collective effort has raised over $60,000 for kids living with heart defects!!  Amazing. We have one more opportunity to honor Rudy benefitting others in crisis.  No obligation but if you feel moved to be a part of this tribute, you can click the link below OR print out the pledge card photo, fill it out and send it to 535 E. Yanonali St., SB, CA 93103!  🙂

Click here to donate


Image 6
Playing hide ‘n seek in the courtyard.
Playing with trucks in the courtyard.


Playing by  his own rules.


Keep your eyes out for photos of the renovated facility and new Rudy courtyard next month!!   So special!  Thank you.

7 thoughts on “A Sweet Tribute to Our Boy

  1. I was working at Bethel House and Rudy was visiting. I was “playing office” with Rudy when he magically pushed the right combination on our copy machine when it started scanning and emailing! Who knew? Prior to Rudy’s visit, we thought it Only made copies! Much Love❤️

  2. A TRUE gift from our God, not to remain too long on THIS earth, but to touch the lives of thousands of people around the World. God’s purpose is SO BEYOND our thinking. He provided this child, to inspire, and draw us closer to our Creator. Oh, what a life legacy this child has left……..always and forever in all of our hearts!

  3. I love it! I can just see Rudy excited in that courtyard! So many miss him, for sure. He brought such joy!

  4. Trish, I echo Lin Richardson’s comment. What a PROFOUND impact he had on ALL who had the privilege of meeting Rudy! I will forever be changed by his influence on my life. I will send in my donation today! I love you dearly and you are always on my heart!!! Praying today is good for you.

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