On Earth and In Heaven

My last post didn’t end with it’s publishing…God heard my heart and spoke directly to my concerns.  So here’s the rest of the story…

After writing about my struggle with “fading away”, the boys randomly shared one of their latest favorite songs with me and the third verse of the song took my breath away:

“Should the fire that once burned bright become an ember my eyes can’t see, I will remember Your sacrifice, I will abide in Your love for me”

Click HERE to listen to the whole song.  It is like salve to my soul every time I listen to it.  Now, I know that abide means to live or dwell but I wanted to see if there was a deeper meaning I could explore so I looked up its definition.  As if Merriam Webster wrote the third definition especially for me, I marveled at it’s relevance:


Although the definition is in reference to a feeling or memory, it has a much more literal application for me..should the fire that once burned bright become an ember my eyes can’t see, I will remember Your sacrifice and continue without fading or being lost in Your love for me!!  Amen, Amen!!!!  Thanks Boys, your song recommendation rocks and the tender reminder of this simple truth helps cut the sting of today a bit – as do all the sweet, generous and inspired comments & messages from you, dear friends, thank you! 😉

Hey, speaking of inspired, the DP girls lacrosse team endured a tough loss at the championship on Friday but surfaced with big smiles thanks to good friends and some post-game IHOP pancakes!!


The tears we shed, we all agreed, were over the fact that the season is over.  Selfishly, I wish lax were a year-round sport.  Thanks Girls for such a thrilling season and so many wonderful memory-making moments!!!



Another season ended this weekend.  I officially handed my worship baton off to the kids on Sunday.  Although it’s not something I planned to do on Mother’s Day specifically, it seems poetic in retrospect.  😉  God used my involvement in worship ministry over the years to shape me and give me a special community of friends with whom I share a love for God and music!  To be entrusted with the task of leading others in worship is something I always considered an honor and never took for granted.  Though my heart will continue to worship, I’ll miss leading desperately.  How grateful I am it’s one activity done on earth AND in heaven!IMG_3610

Someday I’ll be able to do this again!

Livy and I got to go to a friend’s baby shower on Saturday too so I dusted off the Anna Quindlen essay I’ve given to all my new mom friends for decades…best advice ever and a sweet reflection to be reminded of on Mother’s Day weekend!



So true!!  Olivia asked me at dinner last night what age I enjoyed parenting the most and I couldn’t choose.  I simply adored my babies, my toddlers were soooooo cute, I loved all the activity of the school years and, like Anna, I wound up with the three people I like best in the world (plus Rolf and Rudy, of course).  How grateful I am that love is something that exists on earth and in heaven!  😉  Praying for peace and lightheartedness in the midst of a string of emotionally packed days.


5 thoughts on “On Earth and In Heaven

  1. Trish – just catching up on these posts. God has built, through you, a lasting masterpiece! Well done, faithful mama! This Anna Quindlen piece is so perfect for the life stage we are in, each with handfuls of emerging adults. You are loved and cherished today dear friend.

  2. Oh wow!!! Hallelujah. Amen!🙌🏼🙏🏼 Thank you sharing that song with us. You are forever in my thoughts and prayers precious Trish! I will say to you again, what a testament you are to me and so many others whose lives you are impacting in such a transforming way as you continue to praise Jesus in the midst of your trials. I pray for your strength today as you go about your daily life. Blessings to each of you – Rolf, Wilson, Max, Olivia and of course you, my beautiful friend. 💕 I love and adore you!

  3. Such a strange and remarkable journey you are on, dear Trish. The song your sons found for you is wonderful, rich and evocative. But the video that blessed me tonight? Your pure, sweet soprano singing, ‘Pie Jesu.’ Yes, lovely one, you will sing it again, and always.

    And Livvy’s insightful question?? She is gathering her stories, her memories, her moments with you. And they are to be treasured, like golden beads, dear one.

    I am so sorry for yet another loss. But I rejoice – in the deepest crevices of my spirit – in the beauty that is emerging through this terrible fire. No matter what comes next in this hard process, know that you are now, and always will be, absolutely radiant with life and love and glory. No.Matter.What.

  4. I echo pastordt….
    No matter what comes next in this hard process, know that you are now, and always will be, absolutely radiant with life and love and glory. No. Matter. What.
    You have found the pearl of great price Trish.
    Much love and continued prayers.

  5. Trish, your posts are so helpful to me. The music is still echoing in my head and the article of living in the moment and not doing, rushing, planning is a word from the wise to us all. You have certainly raised wonderful children. Enjoy them today! Thank you for your sharing with me. Joan W

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