Flu Update

Thank you, dear friends, for your many prayers specific to the flu…I’ve been recuperating at home for the past week and am feeling so much better.  I’m tired and sleepy but I have lots of time to sleep so there’s an easy solution there.  😉  My home health nurse came on Monday to access my port for another round of Radicava infusions and she confirmed my lungs sound nice and clear!  Yay!  The greatest concern, of course, with any bug is that it would turn into pneumonia with my compromised respiratory system and I’m grateful this flu bug didn’t become a serious complication.  I’m potentially contagious for a couple more days so I’ll continue to lay low but with rain on it’s way, I wouldn’t be getting out much anyway.  🙂

I wanted to share the following graphic a friend of ours had made up with the text from my “launching letter” I shared at the SBRM Graduation back in November.  I like the graphic artist’s visualization of the text and thought you might enjoy it too…

trish's speech poster succulent 3
A new version of my “Launching Letter” to the kids…

Thank you again everyone!  ‘Praying for stronger days ahead for us all.

Love and more love.




9 thoughts on “Flu Update

  1. PRAISE JESUS, Trish!!!!! I begged God to please let this be the quickest case of flu in the history of the world and to please take it away! I am so happy that you are on the mend! Thank you for the updated “Launch Letter”. That is fabulous! I am such a visual learner and this color-coded one just puts it all perfectly together. I love you my precious friend and am looking so forward to seeing you 6 weeks.

  2. Dearest Trish, just catching up in your posts – forgive me for being out of touch. I’m glad you are bouncing back from the flu bug and that your lungs are clear. Thank you for sharing the inspirational visual of your launch letter. It is beautiful – just like you. Prayers continue for strength and good health. Love and more love back at you❤️

  3. Grateful for the passing of the flu and I would love a copy of your launch8ng letter to frame it is so you.
    Happy New Year and much bettter days to come.

  4. Thanks for the update, Trish! That’s great! Been praying about the flu. Love the launching letter—just shared it with my fam. Will continue to pray for you.

    1. Praise God😊
      I love the graphics and I noticed the picture in it is one you took right? Love you friend.

  5. Praise God Trish! So glad to hear this good news! We were praying and will continue. I would love a copy of your launching letter to frame too! You should sell those! ❤️Annie

  6. The Launching Letter Graphic is a powerful manifestation of your Herculean speech.
    We hope your flu is gone in the morning. 😘
    Joyce and John

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