Oops, I Did It Again!

It’s been a while since I fell and actually hurt myself but I took a tumble on Thursday when my knee buckled on the way to the bathroom and I sprained my ankle.  Thankfully, it’s my bad leg this time so it’s not that debilitating…just painful.  Arrrgh!

As it turns out, my spill is a bit symbolic because it happened minutes after Olivia successfully passed her driver’s test and became an independent, licensed driver!  Woo Hoo!  Way to go Olivia!!!  I have been praying in recent months that I’d be able to physically drive until Olivia got her license…and God answered my prayer!  Praise Him!  However, now that Livy is able to drive herself to all her fun activities and because my reaction time in my weakening right foot is getting slower it’s time for me to voluntarily give up driving.  It’s not like I was driving a ton other than to take Olivia to school each morning anyway but it’s a tough reality to go from “choosing” not to drive to not being able to do so safely.  😦  So, significant milestones continue to be marked in the Geyling household…marked with a tinge of heartbreak but mostly gratitude and relief for answered prayers!

September 27, 2018! Yay Olivia!!
My very own “Dial-a-Ride”!!

7 thoughts on “Oops, I Did It Again!

  1. Well, crap. Didn’t even tell me, did ya? Happy for everybody that Livy will be driving — especially her. That’s a huge step toward independence and sometimes a scary one. She, however, will act this, I am sure. And so will you.

  2. Congratulations to Olivia!!!🎉

    So sorry about your fall…and cannot imagine your heartache right now😞…Missing sweet, sweet Rudy!
    Love you so much💞✝️🙏🏼

  3. Love you from a distance and I can feel your pain. Prayers will continue for your journey.. hope you can feel my hugs.

  4. aaaaahhhhh man! darn it that you hurt your ankle! Lord, please comfort Trish as she recovers from her fall and her sprained ankle.

    Thank you Jesus for the answered prayers for Olivia getting her drivers license. Your timing is perfect.

  5. Trish, you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. my prayer warriors pray for you every monday and thursday. we pray as a staff for you every tuesday. I am asking the Lord to please continue to comfort you and your family as you continue on your journey. I love you dearly. Melani

    Way TO Go, Olivia! so happy for you! Melani

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