One Year

The MOHD Squad is grateful for the quiet day we shared…it included yummy food and a quiet afternoon at the cemetery.  We talked a little but mostly just sat quietly.



Rolf and I reread ALL the cards we’ve received in the past year!  (The way this basket is stuffed is deceiving…there are A LOT of cards underneath too!!!!)
Olivia painted.
Olivia and Harley flew a kite.
And we arranged cars…
…lots and lots of cars!!
I’m pretty sure Rudy saw them all…and is delighted! Thank you friends! (Amazing art by

We received so many lovely texts and messages today but one I got from Katie’s mom stands out…she wrote, in part, “Wrapping you all in our love today and remembering how hard the ‘last first’ was…”.  Yes, there is truth in that.  As hard as the this past year has been and as sad as today is, it is our last “first” without Rudy…from here on out our memories of Rudy will be in a more distant past and that doesn’t feel good either.  So, we cling to the memories we have and the memories you all continue to share with us and recall them often so as not to feel so far away from this treasure of a boy we loved well in his lifetime and continue to love & honor in our day to day.  Thank you for helping us celebrate him with your CARS cars (I’m going to miss those daily Amazon deliveries!! Ha Ha) and for “Paying it Forward for Rudy” today.  We are grateful for your investment in his life through your hands on care, your friendship, your prayers, your support…and now in his legacy.  We are beyond humbled and, as always, forever grateful!


Rolf’s poem sums it up beautifully:

A whole year past                                                                                                                              But I’m back there in an instant
Growling like a bear
You giggle and set off on an escape you hope won’t succeed

Pressed so close we breathe the same air                                                                                          I shake with your laughter                                                                                                          Aware of the tapping in your chest against mine
Yearning that the overwhelming love in my heart could somehow add to the beating of yours

5 thoughts on “One Year

  1. Beautiful words – magnificent images – So glad you could embrace the day, each other, and the community that misses and honors Rudy while loving all of you.

  2. Thanks for sharing glimpses of your day…I thought of you all often throughout the day and prayed that it would be a wonderful time remembering. There were certainly a lot of happy, sad, silly, frustrating, crazy unbelievable moments over Rudy’s life and he was loved by so many! Love you guys!

  3. What a beautiful day! You were so intentional to honor Rudy’s life and also receive comfort from the huge family around the globe who love you and are lifting you up. I love love love Livy’s painting!!!

  4. What a perfect way to honor and cherish your little boy.
    Beautiful poem by Daddy and sweet painting by big sister.
    I hope you felt Rudy’s gift of Peace and comfort.
    I hope Each day gets a little brighter.

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