The Symptom of Procrastination

I think I’m going to add “procrastination” to the list of ALS symptoms I’m experiencing.  I’m not a procrastinator typically so my lack of motivation to act on things is surprising to me…I blame ALS.  😉

I got a prescription back in December for an orthotic to help with my drop-foot issue caused by the weakness in my left leg.  I procrastinated getting the prescription filled in large part because it required me to go to the same office I took Rudy for his custom foot braces.  Although there is some comfort in my familiarity with the medical/therapeutic community here in town, the thought of going to Nobbe Orthopedics was super sad and a little humiliating.  It’s still so surreal to me that I’m even on this journey and how, more so as times goes on, it overlaps with Rudy’s.  These are steps I don’t want to take…physically or figuratively.  Oh, and missing Rudy doesn’t seem to be getting easier either.

Well, yesterday I took the physical step forward to Nobbe’s to get fitted for my new orthotic.  It was hard…I cried…but it also gave Rolf and me the opportunity to thank Ralph and his team for their tender care of Rudy and that always feels good.  The reality is, I can’t deny my felt need for the orthotic anymore.  My legs are getting weaker and it’s getting harder to lift my left leg high enough to insure I don’t trip on my lifeless, droopy left toes.

Many have asked lately how I’m doing physically.  I described my symptoms as “annoying” a few months ago…they are more debilitating now and I’m feeling more and more fatigue which is discouraging.  😦  My symptoms started in my legs and speech and I’d say these are the areas most affected still just to a greater degree.  I’m losing control of the muscles in my mouth/throat and it’s taking me longer to speak/eat/etc.  Next up on my “Things I Don’t Want To Do” list?  A swallow test scheduled for May 14th.

Luckily there’s been lots of distracting fun lately too…

A Belated Birthday Tea at the El Encanto in Santa Barbara!…
And another Belated Birthday Celebration at the Bacara Resort!! I have the sweetest friends!
I attended a “Grief through Art” workshop at the hospice center and am not surprised to find I’d much rather spend 5 hours quietly working beside other grieving people creating art than spending 1 hour talking to them in a support group. 😉  Ha ha
A visit from Rudy’s godparents Grace and Marlin…
…and Uncle John.


Sadly, Olivia’s regular LAX season ends this week but it sure has been a thrilling season for her and the team…and those of us who have gotten to watch!  The MOHD Squad is definitely going to go through withdrawal once the DPHS season is officially over.  Good thing we have the boys’ return for summer (in LESS than TWO weeks!!!) to look forward to.  🙂





Love you friends!  Thank you for your ongoing prayers!!!

4 thoughts on “The Symptom of Procrastination

  1. Joyce said it, and I wish I lived closer, as I would offer any help I could and to you and family a Kendy hug and my love, dear Trish.

  2. I am amazed that even a visit to the ortho clinic became an opportunity to express gratitude……you live life beautifully, Trish and Rolf.

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