Rudy’s Memorial Videos

Our family was so moved to be surrounded by such love–both present and across great distance.

The slideshow of Rudy’s life in pictures shown at the service can be found here:

Also, in case the FB live stream becomes inaccessible a copy of the service feed (with dead time trimmed off) can be found here:

2 thoughts on “Rudy’s Memorial Videos

  1. Did someone write that song about Rudy & your family? I can’t imagine a song more fitting. Thank you again for sharing your sweet boy so generously. We all knew and felt the blessing of Rudy and I will miss this little (actually BIG) light shining in a dark world. Love. ❤️

  2. Dear Geyling Family,
    There are no words to express such a hauge loss. Out hearts, sympathies and love are with you all now, through this very difficult time. Although we may not be directly involved with SBNaz, the time we spent the rest, with Rudy, will truly never be forgotten. He brought me personally, so much joy, love, light and the Best smile each and every time we saw him! God certainly has BIG plans for your amazing boy….. Each one who knew him, experienced that any time he was around. My heart aches for all of you… Henry Brandt said it so well, “To dwell there above with the Saints that we love-
    That will be glory.
    But to dwell here below with the Saints that we know-
    That’s another story”
    Those who Knew Rudy, well, we are Blessed beyond all human possibilities! Thank you eternally, for sharing your lives, love and “little Saint” with us!
    With love and Sympathies,
    Connie & Triniti Petersen

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