The Beginning of the “Lasts”

Well, it has begun…the reality of Max graduating and heading off to college later this summer is starting to sink in as we watch him experience significant “lasts” with each passing season.  For example, yesterday marked the end of Max’s high school hockey season…and he played in his last tournament!!  (sniff, sniff)  Rolf and I couldn’t help but get a little verklempt as we made the familiar trek up to Santa Maria knowing it would be the last.

Santa Barbara represented well as both varsity teams advanced from the semi-finals to play against each other in the championship game.  It was a fun way to end this chapter…getting to cheer for both teams in that final match-up filled with kids Max has played alongside for the past 5+ years!

We are so grateful to the administrators, coaches, players and families that make up the SB Youth Hockey Association for the positive fun, special friendships and investment in our family!

Well done Maxo!  Thanks for introducing me to an experience I wouldn’t have had otherwise and for turning me into a hockey mom!!  😉

Getting a fist bump from the team’s #1 fan before the final game…
…and a celebratory hug afterwards!
Way to go SB Gold!
The graduating seniors!
Rookie Max
Next generation?
Maybe not…but this little guy is going to MISS the rink most of all, I think.


One thought on “The Beginning of the “Lasts”

  1. Nothing cooler than a hockey uniform! Hold these last memories close to your heart……I can’t imagine what Rudy is going to do without his two big brothers!!!! Olivia is an amazing sister though, and I am sure there will still be just as much loves! (But maybe not rough and tumble!) Happy Easter dear ones!!!

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