Birthday Eve 2016

Rudy got a jump start on celebrating today with his friends and teachers at school…a birthday so big it will likely fill two blog post updates so here’s pictorial proof of Birthday Fun – Day 1!!

Rudy got a hug and special greeting from Nurse Evelyn first thing this morning…
…and then he got some birthday love from Mr. Latta and…
…a few of his 2nd grade friends.
Miss Ginny was all smiles on the playground with Rudy during recess!
I brought a bunch of extra oxygen tubing to the classroom in the afternoon to make “silly straw” glasses with Rudy’s special ed classmates…
…even the grown ups got in on the giggly fun!!
Special friends!!
The day ended with a very special visit from Christoph (cousin from Austria)!!
A simply delightful evening…and a perfect end to a very special day!!!

It’s time to hit the hay…we all have a BIG DAY tomorrow as we continue the celebration at the 15th annual “Back to the Bayou” event supporting the Santa Barbara Rescue Mission!!  The Rescue Mission community was such a huge encouragement to us when Rudy was born, it will be fun to share tomorrow together!  🙂  Happy Birthday Eve Rudy!!!  It’ll be your official birthday in just 26 minutes!!!!!

6 thoughts on “Birthday Eve 2016

  1. So sweet to see Rudy in his classroom with his 2nd grade friends. What an amazing idea to create something fun out of the oxygen tubes!!! LOVE Livy’s birthday cake too! Amazing! Simply amazing! Celebrating Rudy looks like so much fun!!

  2. Happy being 8 Rudy!!! You have accomplished so much in your young life with the greatest family, friends, school, adventures, overcoming adversities and always with a smile. Carry on Sweet Rudy!! Love, Kris

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