Welcome Summer

Yay! Yay! Yay!  Today was Max, Olivia and Rudy’s last day of school and with that summer has officially arrived!  Rolf, Olivia, Rudy and I have an early departure for UCLA tomorrow morning so I’ll keep this brief but want to commemorate the day with a few fun pics…

We enjoyed a fun visit with a good friend and Max’s godmother this week…Max shot up in height this year making him a whole head taller than Susie-Q!!!…
…as are Wilson and Rolf! Ha ha
Goofy Rudy!!
Olivia’s promotion festivities began with a fun party at school on Tuesday…
13339607_10153921454549213_4516022671529196079_n (2)
…and the 8th grade promotion ceremony on Wednesday!!!
Dos Pueblos HIGH SCHOOL (Whaaaat?!?!) Class of 2020!

Because of Rudy’s trip to the heart clinic tomorrow, he had to say goodbye to his teachers and classmates today.  Mrs. Gallo’s class took time to send Rudy off with personal messages and Miss A caught it on video…so sweet!

Happy Summer Rudy!!! With Miss A, Nurse Sara and the sibs!

Happy Summer to you too dear friends!!!  Let the fun begin!!!

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