Field Trip, Fun Trip

We’re finally down to the last few days of school and Rudy is finishing strong…he has had a string of really good days and is enjoying all the extra fun stuff this time of year.  Today was particularly fun.  Rudy and his classmates had a field trip to the Ty Warner (yeah, the beanie baby guy) Sea Center Museum on the pier in Santa Barbara.  Rudy typically doesn’t LOVE the chaos of field trips but he sure embraced today’s outing and had a blast.  It’s so fun to see how far he has come in situations like this…

Rudy petting a shark at the sea center!





Rudy had no fear of the tide pool creatures either!…
…but the water was a little cold resulting in Rudy’s purple fingers! 😉


Nurses Sara and Jessica in the shark cage with Rudy!!
After visiting the sea center, Rudy’s class had a picnic at a nearby park and Rudy had some fun with Miss A on the climbing structure…



All the kids got a popsicle AND…
…a ride on the carousel with Mrs. Gallo!! I’m not sure it gets any better than that!
Yay Room KB!!! It has been a great year.

Next week is Rudy’s last week of school but we found out yesterday that his heart clinic appt at UCLA was moved up from June 16th to June 9th so he’ll miss his last day of school.  We still have to go to UCLA on the 16th for Rudy’s appt at the pediatric dental clinic so we have some scenic driving to do up and down the coast in the next couple of weeks.  🙂  No word yet when Rudy’s cath will be…Dr. Harake’s office is still working to schedule it.

In the meantime, we have some fun 8th grade promotion celebrating to do with Olivia next week AND we suspect we’ll spend a lot of time at Kyle’s Kitchen this summer…Max was offered a job there this week as the newest member of their cashier team!  Woo Hoo!!!  ‘Super excited for him to have his first real job and praying there are some family perks that come with the job!  Ha Ha

Thank you for your prayers as we steam roll ahead toward a summer filled with familiar and new experiences for our family and lots of focus on Rudy’s medical needs.  Ever grateful!

2 thoughts on “Field Trip, Fun Trip

  1. Well I guess if you have to travel to medical appt…..driving down the #1 ain’t too shabby. Will be praying….Congrats to the beautiful 8th grade grad!!! Excited about Max working at Kyle’s!!! I still remember that hamburger!!! Hugs during this BIZZY time of year!

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