Big Boy Skills

Rudy’s class got another “behind the scenes” look at a local hamburger joint during a field trip to In ‘n Out yesterday.  It was a fun time to hang out with friends and it also turned out to be a very helpful exercise in how to order food at a restaurant…turns out Rudy is a fast learner!

An In ‘n Out selfie with Miss A and Nurse Sara.
After the tour, we gave Rudy some time off the oxygen and he immediately made the rounds to visit his friends sitting at other tables…
…Chillin’ with the big boys!
Rudy’s turn to order…
“Ummmm, hamburger and french fries…please.”
Although Rudy doesn’t take bites of anything solid yet, it sure is encouraging to see him “go through the motions” and take an interest in food.
So proud!!!

It just so happened that we stopped at Carl’s Jr later in the day for a quick dinner between activities and Rudy insisted on ordering for himself!!!  Ha Ha  He confused the workers a little bit by ordering things they don’t offer on their menu but he was very proud to show off his new big boy skill…now if we can just get him to eat all this food he is so motivated to order.  😉


6 thoughts on “Big Boy Skills

  1. In-in-out skills are a staple of life….glad to see his educational experience includes such instruction!!!

  2. It is “delicious” to see Rudy holding a big burger to his lips – it must have smelled great, no doubt. Little by little, taste by taste, he will become a regular eater, and the social outings are such a great motivator. Love those shakes, too! You go Rudy!

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