Mountain View Move-a-thon

Today was the annual Move-a-thon at Rudy’s school and Rudy did a GREAT job.  He conducted a FB “dollar donation” campaign and raised $100.00 (doubling his goal of raising $50) for his school!!!  More importantly, he participated in each of the four events and had a good time with his classmates.  😉

As you know, he doesn’t like all the fanfare that comes with events like these, but he was able to focus and complete the activities…he’s maturing and it shows.

Our first stop was the running event and the goal was to walk around the track once. Nurse Sara and I were there to help steady Rudy on the uneven ground but he walked it on his own. He stopped a couple of times to catch his breath but he didn’t sit down once. 😉
The next event was an epic obstacle course…he stayed to the side so his classmates could run the course at their own pace…
…but occasionally he’d snag a workout partner. 🙂
Although you can’t tell from the pictures, this morning started out quite cold and Rudy needed a little extra oxygen and time to warm up between events…thanks to nurse Karen and an extra blanket Rudy was snug as a bug.
The last event involved learning some karate kicks. Rudy got to try it twice and when we headed back to his wheelchair, he turned to Sara and said “I like that”!!! The karate station was definitely his favorite! 😉
Aaaaaand, the boy wonder fell asleep on the way home!!! The sign of energy well spent! GREAT JOB Rudy! The next big athletic event for Rudy will be the Special Olympics track meet later this spring…stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Mountain View Move-a-thon

  1. Rudy, you are a champion! Growing up in so many ways and always up for a new challenge…just two of the many reasons I am so proud of you. Love, Kris

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