Great Moments with Mickey

Rudy’s long anticipated birthday trip to the Disney parks was such a GREAT idea that about a million other people decided to tag along but despite the insane crowds, we managed to enjoy the magic and squeeze out a few memory making moments to cherish.  Our first stop was Cars Land in California Adventure and we pretty much could have stayed there our whole visit!  It’s adorable.  Rudy wasn’t quite sure what to think at first…he was a bit awestruck meeting Lightening McQueen, Mater and Big Red up close and personal…but once he had time to process it all, he definitely wanted “more”…especially another ride on Radiator Racers!!

Welcome to Radiator Springs!
Main street with Nurse Sara and her daughter Kayley.
Rudy’s first Lightening McQueen sighting.
Meet and Greet with Dad.
A friendly wave with Mater and Kayley.
Big Red is BIG!
Rudy looks a little worried in this picture but this race ride was a favorite for sure. 🙂  (We saved a seat for Wilson)
Max and Livy taught Rudy the thrill of riding with his hands “up high”!!
Which he quickly discovered applies to all rides!
More fun in Radiator Springs…
…and some more…
…and some more!

Thanks to Nurse Sara and her family’s military discount, we got two days of fun for the price of one and Day Two was spent at Disneyland.  Turns out the happiest place on earth is a little overwhelming for the boy wonder but he did find his “happy place” on Splash Mountain…

Splash Mountain Selfie!
Woo Hoo!!
Again, Dad, again!

Unfortunately, we struck out on the character picture photo ops.  I was looking forward to getting those priceless pics of Rudy with his favorite Disney friends so we tolerated the long lines for our chance to meet the super stars.  Our first attempt was with Olaf but Rudy fell sound asleep while we waited in line and was not easily roused so Max and Olivia followed his lead…

Shhhhh, Olaf, they’re sleeping!
Our wait in line wasn’t a total waste though…Rolf and the sibs got a toboggan ride out of it!!

Our next attempt was with the big guy himself…Mickey!!!  Rudy absolutley LOVES Mickey on tv and in books but when we approached meeting Mickey in person, he was uncharacteristically agitated and even screamed at Olivia to take him away!  We pulled out all the tricks in the book but Rudy wasn’t having any of it!

Not so great moment with Mickey.


When Olivia and I failed at providing enough of a protective line of defense, Rudy sought refuge with the official photographer!
When Olivia and I failed to provide enough of a protective line of defense, Rudy sought refuge with the official photographer!
So, the end result was sans Rudy!!
So, the end result was sans Rudy!!

Our little mini-vacation was definitely a memorable start to the Thanksgiving week ‘o fun.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised but from the looks of all the pictures I took, Rudy’s most fun Disney moments were spent playing with Max and Olivia just outside the park gates.  Ha Ha Ha




Happy Belated Birthday Rudy!
Happy Belated Birthday Rudy!

The icing on top of the belated birthday cake was having Wilson come home for his Thanksgiving break the following day…We are enjoying a laid back weekend with awesome friends, fun holiday prep and simply being…together!

Happy Thanksgiving dear ones!!  How very grateful we are for our community of family and friends near and far!

All is right in "Rudy's World"!
All is right in “Rudy’s World”!


2 thoughts on “Great Moments with Mickey

  1. The Olaf picture takes the funny prize…..and the Wilson picture the “ain’t that sweet!” prize! Enjoy a few family days together!!! Love you guys lots and lots!

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