Thanksgiving Hummingbird

The Geyling household has been a little discombobulated the past couple of weeks as I’ve been working extra long hours in my shop like a little elf.  🙂  The Holiday Silver By Trish Jewelry season is officially open!  Woo Hoo!  I had my first open house last night, another one today and a handful of showings in the community this next month.  It’s beginning to feel a little like Christmas…but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we don’t want to forget about our equally wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

Rudy blessed us this week with a new Thanksgiving decoration that he made at school.


I was so excited to hang it up and instinctively asked “What is this Rudy?” as I grabbed the tape and proudly hung it in a prominent spot.  Without skipping a beat Rudy replied, “A hummingbird”.  “What?  No, Rudy, what is this bird called?”  “A hummingbird!”, he insisted.  He wasn’t letting go of the hummingbird thing so I decided to go at it from another angle…”Rudy!  What does this bird sound like?”  He thought for a second and said “Tweet, Tweet”.  Ok, so we have some work to do the next few days to nail down “turkey” and “gobble, gobble” before Thanksgiving but all in all, I’m very pleased with Rudy’s “Thanksgiving Hummingbird” and believe a new tradition has been born.

In addition to my mad jewelry making production and Rudy’s holiday preparations, the past couple of weeks have included some significant fun for the family.  Rolf and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary on November 7th.  It was a super fun day that included Livy’s soccer game, Homecoming for Max and a Santa Barbara Rescue Mission Graduation…all of which left little time for an official anniversary celebration (we didn’t even get a picture together to commemorate the day) but Rolf and I were blessed to spend the day celebrating alongside people we love!! 🙂  One of these days, we’ll grab a nice dinner together.  😉

All dressed up and ready to dance..with Homecoming date Sophia.
Olivia and her soccer teammates met Julie Foudy (US Soccer World Cup champ and Olympian) at a SB Round Table event. So fun!!!

Olivia’s X Country team had a two week break to prepare for the city championships which occurred this past Thursday.  Livy was nervous in the days leading up to the race but was able to keep her nerves in check the day of the race.  🙂  The kids ran a two mile course at Elings park that included a handful of crazy hill climbs…I was impressed that all the kids finished the course!  Olivia was the one to beat but she kept her cool and ran a beautiful race.  She won and her team together secured an overall win for GVJH girls…Woo Hoo!!!  The GVJH boys team won too!  All these years I’ve enthusiastically watched the kids play sports I know nothing about…soccer, hockey, lacrosse, etc…but running I know after watching my dad’s successful running career for decades!  It’s fun to cheer on my girl in a familiar environment and see so much of my dad in her stride….eerie but precious!  I hope she decides to continue running in high school.  🙂

Olivia is focused at the start of the race…
Good friend Kyle and his sisters are there to give Livy a big hug at the finish!
Champions! 😉
The girls with Coach Paulsen and mascot Rudy!



Kansas 016
Livy and Grandpa Dick at a race in 2009.

We’re so thrilled to have a break from school and dr. appts this next week.  Rudy is anticipating a trip to Disneyland TOMORROW (whhaaat?) for a belated birthday celebration and we’re super excited to welcome Wilson home Tuesday night for the long Thanksgiving weekend!!!  Can’t. wait.

Happy Thanksgiving preparations everybody!!



3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Hummingbird

  1. I love this. My 2 year old son made a turkey this year at the library and calls it a rooster. I asked what sound it makes and he said “cock-do.” I guess we can celebrate all birds of a feather this Thanksgiving!

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