Life’s Highs and Lows

The past couple of weeks have been full with some pretty cool highs and some heartbreaking lows for dear friends near and far…such a vivid reminder that life is a constant mix of joy and pain.

Here are some of the highs:

Rudy is doing great in the midst of it all and we’ve appreciated a nice respite from his long list of dr. appts this month.  His quarterly check-ups with all his specialists start up again in November so we have quite a few appointments coming up before the end of the year.  I confirmed Rudy’s next trip to the pediatric dental clinic and heart transplant clinic (both at UCLA) and they fall on the same week in December…too bad I couldn’t get them scheduled on the same day.  🙂

Rudy admiring himself with a belated birthday gift!
Rudy admiring himself wearing a belated birthday gift!

Just two days after celebrating Rudy’s 7th birthday, we were blessed to celebrate the work of the Santa Barbara Rescue Mission at the annual Bayou fundraiser…this year we partied like it was 1950 and all on the organizing committee agree it was the best one yet.  It was a truly inspiring afternoon and made me so proud of Rolf and his team!  🙂

Rock Around The Bayou!
Rock Around The Bayou!
Olivia took one look at
Olivia took one look at “Elvis” and said…”the 50s were weird!”. Ha Ha
Rudy’s “happy place” at the Dos Pueblos Ranch!
Max and Rudy lending a helping hand.
Max and Rudy lending a helping hand.
Future SBRM Auxiliary member perhaps?
Future SBRM Auxiliary member perhaps?

We’ve had a rare two weekends in a row down in L.A. for a variety of reasons and our trip last weekend included a last minute visit to Azusa to see Wilson.  What a treat it was to give him a hug and catch up a bit face to face.  He’s doing really well…he loves being at APU, is making a whole host of new friends and likes his classes.  He is challenged by ROTC in many ways but really loves it.  Rolf and I look forward to our weekly Sunday phone calls with Wilson and his updates are mostly filled with ROTC stories.  🙂  As you can imagine, he is making quite a name for himself.  A couple of weeks ago, his squad had a grueling try out for the Ranger Challenge team.  During the long run dressed in full fatigues, boots and weighted back pack, Wilson started to sing to himself to focus his mind on something other than the pain.  When he stopped, his team mate ahead of him told him to keep singing…so he did and he sang all the Johnny Cash and Zack Brown Band songs he knew by heart.  Before he knew it, his commander at the end of the line asked who was singing.  Thinking he was in trouble, he owned it right away and apologized to which the commander said “Keep singing…louder!”.  Ha Ha  I’ve nicknamed him the Singing Soldier.  I pray he finds great favor at every turn in his ROTC experience…so far it seems he is.  (P.S. He made the Ranger Challenge Team)

Max, Wilson, Olivia and our friend Becky at La Tolteca in Azusa!! Yum Yum!!
Max, Wilson, Olivia and our friend Becky at La Tolteca in Azusa!! Yum Yum!!

Rudy attended his very first GVJH cross country meet this past week to watch Olivia compete.  We went to cheer on the Mariners having no idea where Olivia would rank within the pack.  We were shocked to see her shoot out to lead at the start and keep her lead for most of the race.  She and her teammate (also named Olivia) led the pack and ran head to head for a thrilling finish with our Olivia winning by one step.  It was so much fun to watch her and it took me back to the hundreds of races I went to to watch my dad compete…I saw alot of G’pa Dick in Olivia’s stride.  Olivia’s coach named Rudy their official team mascot!  🙂  I think Rudy will have some more cross country meets in his near future.  Ha Ha Ha

Maxo has his first pre-season hockey tournament next weekend so we look forward to lots of hockey in the near future as well.

The two Olivias!
The two Olivias!
The course was a little less than a mile and Olivia's finish time was 6:15.
The course was a little less than a mile and Olivia’s finish time was 6:15.

Here is one of the lows:

My college roommate and long time friend is losing her husband to cancer…it sucks and it breaks my heart…she sends updates and at the end of her updates she leaves the reader with a “to do” list because, as she says, fretting about their family isn’t productive.  I’m struck this evening by a couple of her “to dos” in particular:

“Shed a tear. Life has a tendency to break our hearts but somewhere along the way in America we decided to bottle up the heartbreak. Let it flow peeps. And even better, share those tears with someone close to you.

Stop doing for as much time as possible this week and simply be. The world needs more contemplation and presence…”

I agree with her.  As much as I want to run away from the things that hurt and distract myself with tasks, I’ve learned from my experience with Rudy and am reminded by Rochelle’s admonition that it’s best to embrace the pain, shed those tears and be in the moment…there is much to learn in those moments and so much beauty to behold – even in the midst of heartbreak.

Praying for comfort and peace for all my friends in need tonight.

7 thoughts on “Life’s Highs and Lows

  1. Love what you wrote! Always love hearing about your wonderful and talented family, Trish. You and your family are such an inspiration. I hope to visit with you when you come down to UCLA in December. Text me the dates. I look forward to a long overdue visit with you! Xoxo

  2. So love these updates – thank you. I am sorry about your friend’s situation but deeply appreciate her good words. Love to you all this fall-ish night!

    1. Ha Ha Ha Michele!! I KNOW…my response to Olivia was that actually he was 70s Elvis so it was the 1970s that were weird!! Ha Ha

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