Rudy’s 7th Birthday



I know I say this every year but I can’t believe it’s October 1st and I really can’t believe today is Rudy’s 7th birthday.  It has been a full day for sure but full of fun!!  This year was different in that it really seemed that Rudy anticipated his birthday in the days leading up to today.  His speech therapist took advantage of it being his bday week and worked on birthday related vocabulary words and dialog during their sessions earlier in the week, our neighbor next door brought over a giant Mickey card and balloons yesterday that we used to decorate last night and Rudy helped me prepare bottles of bubbles to take in to his classmates today!  Rudy was clearly excited this morning on our way to school and he soaked up all that today held for him!  Precious!!   Thank you for all the FB messages, texts and phone calls!!  Rudy can’t help but feel loved and we are so thankful for another birthday milestone for him…something we absolutely don’t take for granted!  Happy Birthday Big Boy!!!

Bubble fun at school!
Bubble fun at school!
Bubble fun with classmates!
Bubble fun with classmates!
Fun with friends at Rudy's favorite eatery - Kyle's Kitchen!!!
Fun with friends at Rudy’s favorite eatery – Kyle’s Kitchen!!!
Rudy and Kyle playing...
Rudy and Kyle playing…
Big kids chillin'...
Big kids chillin’…
Rudy talking to Wilson on is amazing!
Rudy talking to Wilson on FaceTime…technology is amazing!

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