February Events

Here we are near the end of February already!  It turned out to be a full, emotion-packed month which is going to culminate with my 49th birthday the end of this week.  Yikes!!  Where did the month go?…Where did the last decade go?

Life got so full the past couple of weeks that I even missed Rudy’s cardiology appointment last week!!!  In the 6 1/2 years that we’ve been seeing Dr. Harake, I never missed an appointment…until now.  Thankfully his scheduler was able to squeeze us in tomorrow morning so we won’t be too late making it up.  🙂

So, what was so distracting?  Well, we said “goodbye” to Rudy’s longtime school nurse a week and a half ago :(…Rolf and the big kids met me at the school for a little surprise send off with Rudy and his classmates.  It was a sweet time honoring Sara and welcoming nurse Jomana to the team.  Rudy is definitely adjusting but he is in good hands and we wish Sara GREAT success at the pediatric clinic!!

We're so grateful for Sara's tender care of our Rudy and ESPECIALLY for her friendship!  :)
We’re so grateful for Sara’s tender care of our Rudy and ESPECIALLY for her friendship! 🙂
Fun with Rudy's classmates.
Fun with Rudy’s classmates.
The official changing of the guard during a group hug with nurses Sara and Jomana!
The official changing of the guard during a group hug with nurses Sara and Jomana!
Thank You Sara!
Thank You Sara!

Wilson was one of nine DP seniors who was chosen as this year’s Trailblazer recipients and acknowledged  at the last basketball home game of the season…so fun for him.

2015 DPHS Trailblazers
2015 DPHS Trailblazers

Max’s first Varsity Hockey season ended with a win for a third place finish…

Woo Hoo SB Varsity Blue!  :)  P.S. SB Varsity Gold placed 1st!!!  SB Rules.  :)
Woo Hoo SB Varsity Blue! 🙂 P.S. SB Varsity Gold placed 1st!!! SB Rules. 🙂

We’ve collected a handful of fun video clips this month that were too short to upload to Vimeo by themselves so I made an iMovie of them all together to make it long enough to upload!  (feeling very tech-savvy right now)  Enjoy!!!  (a video message from Rudy to Nurse Sara, an original rap by Wilson and Max, this year’s installment of “Will You Be My Valentine?” filmed by the big sibs on a ski lift at Big Bear on Valentine’s Day, Wilson and the DP drumline at the last Bball home game, Wilson and Max playing at FCA).

In addition, the big sibs got to go on a ski trip with their church youth group over the long President’s Day weekend, Rolf, Rudy and I hosted our sweet newlywed friends Sarah and Chris that same weekend and I had a speaking engagement & a couple of opportunities to sing this last week!  Special stuff!!  In the midst of all this goodness, Rolf and I were reminded of the severity of Rudy’s situation by a very interesting CDC research article. How it relates to HLHS is secondary to the original study focus but check out the survival rate chart at the end of the article…Click Here – CDC Article.  Although we genuinely look at our life as 1/2 full as opposed to 1/2 empty, it is shocking to see in black and white that HLHS has the lowest survival rate of all major birth defects!  Makes us EXTREMELY grateful for Rudy’s life and motivates us to pray, pray, pray!!!

5 thoughts on “February Events

  1. We’re grateful for Rudys beat & all of the informative information. That chart was eye opening.

    Loved the video! Hearing Rudys sweet voice always brings tears to my eyes. Proud of Wilson & Max and their ministering to that school. That song was beautiful.

    Always keeping you all in our prayers. Love you guys!! We hope to see you all soon!

  2. Hooray! I’ve been anxiously awaiting the annual Geyling Valentine. I adore how God’s love shines through every word, picture and video you post. Love you so much!!

  3. Wow…watching your big boys leading the FCA worship time was amazing! They’re awesome! And we continue to pray for Rudy…yes, those are sobering statistics. May God give you all a strong sense of His peace and comfort in this journey. Love to you all!

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