The Older I Get…

… the simpler my holiday preparations become… the closer I feel to family and friends as I write my Christmas cards… the more I cherish the oldest ornaments… the more fondly I remember Christmases past… the longer I hold on to a holiday hug… the more I realize Christmas is a matter of the heart… the tighter my throat gets when I sing “Silent Night”… the more I enjoy giving than receiving… the more I try to see Christmas through the eyes of a child… the longer I sit at night in the glow of the Christmas tree… the more wondrously beautiful the Christmas story is… the deeper my awe at God’s infinite love… the More I Love Christmas!

This poem has made it’s way around on the internet the past few years and I was reminded of it again recently when a friend included it in her Christmas Card.  I don’t mean to be sappy or overly sentimental but it’s SO TRUE and it becomes more true with each year that passes.  The older I get, the more I love Christmas…and all that stuff in between!!  🙂

The fact that time is marching on has been more apparent this year than ever before with the big kids busy off doing all kinds of fun stuff on their own.  We were hard pressed to find a time this past weekend when we could walk over to Stow House together to see Santa.  Livy went with us but the line to see Santa was so long, she had to leave for a soccer clinic before we made much progress!  Ha Ha  All the big kids are in a final hard push this week and looking forward to their break from school.

Rudy came down with chest congestion late last week which turned into a pretty deep cough over the weekend.  We saw Dr. Harake yesterday and he wants Rudy to see his pediatrician (we have an appointment this morning) to get on top of it before it becomes a larger problem. Rudy’s 02 saturation normally reads in the high 70s- low 80s but was in the mid-60s during our appt. with Dr. Harake so we’ve bumped up his 02 flow a bit…he’s happy and not distressed so we’re having a couple of sleepy pajama days at home while we wait for this bug to run it’s course. ‘Praying for a speedy and COMPLETE recovery!!

Waiting in line to see Santa!
Waiting in line to see Santa!



Merry Christmas from Santa and Rudy!
Merry Christmas from Santa and Rudy!


Can this smile get any bigger?
Can this smile get any bigger?

5 thoughts on “The Older I Get…

  1. Sure hope Rudy feels better real soon! Warmest Christmas wishes to you sweet ones from the entire Zeller clan (And that comes with a hug too!)

  2. Praying for Rudy and for all of you as you move through this latest worrisome health situation and as you prepare for Christmas. This is such a lovely post, Trish. Thank you.

  3. Rudy!!!! What a cutie! That smile grows every year, doesn’t it?

    Hope you are all healthy and rested for Christmas! Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas filled with the riches of love, family and the Lord’s blessings!

    BIG LOVE & many prayers,


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