Christmas Is Coming!

With all the hustle and bustle on the streets and in the stores, with more and more lights popping up in our neighborhood, with Christmas music being freely played around the house (emphasis on “freely” since I have to secretly listen to it the rest of the year in my tyrannical household) and the kids cramming for tests and projects before their school break, Christmas must be coming!

The past ten days have also been filled with the start of mid-week Advent services at out church, the annual Santa Barbara Holiday Parade, a few Silver By Trish jewelry shows, an art lesson at Bethel House (SBRM’s women’s recovery home}, the BH Christmas tea hosted by the auxiliary, the SBRM Board Christmas celebration and a stop by our neighborhood fire station to share some holiday treats!  All such fun and highly anticipated every year but overshadowed this year by our heavy hearts for the Nelson’s.  Rolf, Wilson, Olivia, Rudy and I were blessed to attend Moriah’s memorial service in San Jose last Saturday.      (Max missed out on the family road trip due to his hockey game in Santa Maria.)  It was a quick trip there and back…a LONG day in the car for just a couple of hours in San Jose but it was very much worth it…it was a precious time of tears, celebration, hugs.  Please continue to pray for this sweet young family as they grieve and face excruciating adjustments in their day to day life.  Here is their blog – Moments With Moriah.


Rudy and Moriah's Dad Justin
Rudy and Moriah’s Dad Justin
A hug with Moriah's Mom Victoria.
A hug with Moriah’s Mom Victoria.

It seems like with every loss, the filter through which we view and experience life is revised…and that’s a good thing.  I was struck with just how many losses we’ve seen in our circle this year as I made my way through the Christmas Card list from last year.  I know that’s just the reality as you get older but there were definitely too many this year…dear Opa and friends young & old. ‘Praying for all those who are navigating their first Christmas without their loved one!!!

Greg Lawler captured a big hug at home.
Greg Lawler captured a pile up at home during one of my jewelry shows.
A visit to our neighborhood fire station to drop off some treats led to a turn in the engineer's seat!!  Woo Hoo!
A visit to our neighborhood fire station to drop off some treats led to a turn in the engineer’s seat!! Woo Hoo!
Thanks Fireman Matt!
Thanks Fireman Matt!
Christmas treats from Austria…thanks Oma and Tante Andi! ;)
Christmas treats from Austria…thanks Oma and Tante Andi! 😉
Your never too old to enjoy a Kinder Egg!
You’re never too old to enjoy a Kinder Egg!

We’re looking forward to Santa coming to nearby Stow House this weekend for our town’s annual Christmas party and to the kids’ last week of school before winter break.  They have a week filled with secret santa exchanges (Olivia), Holiday Package performances (Wilson and Max) and lots of extra fun in room KA i.e. building gingerbread houses with big buddies (Rudy)!!  ‘Wishing you all happy preparations too!  🙂

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