It’s That Time Again!!!


We’re dusting off our walking shoes again and gearing up for this year’s Santa Barbara Heart Walk benefiting the American Heart Association on Saturday September 27th.  It’s coming up QUICK!!!  This will be our family’s 5th consecutive Heart Walk and we are excited to gather Team Rudy once again for this fun event to celebrate Rudy’s upcoming birthday and all that he has overcome these past SIX years!!!  (Can you believe he’s going to be 6?!?!)

This has become a very special tradition for our family and has grown to include many of you who have helped in our fundraising efforts and/or joined us at the event over the years.  We’re not ones to pay too much attention to numbers, normally, but were overwhelmed going into this year’s event realizing that we’re very close to reaching a cumulative fundraising total of $50,000.00 in the 5 walks we’ve done!!!  To date, we are just $4,000.00 away from reaching 50K!!!  WOW!

As in years past, the money Team Rudy raises will go to fund pediatric research and programs…particularly meaningful to us as Rudy’s future is dependent on new developments in pediatric cardiology. One of Rudy’s cardiologists at UCLA was recently appointed as director of research in the field of mechanical hearts in pediatrics (he has a much more sophisticated and official title than this but you get the idea). When I asked him back in June how long before a mechanical heart would be available for a kid like Rudy, he answered “20 years”. I sure would love to close that gap!  And research will do it!  🙂

After last years Heart Walk, Rudy’s cath lab cardiologist (Dr. Dan) asked me about the Heart Walk and how it went. I told him how Team Rudy raised over $12,000 for the American Heart Assosciation in 2013 alone to which he responded “Oh yeah? I’ve gotten AHA grants in the past.”!!! What a wonderfully personal connection to make…so motivating in our efforts to raise awareness and funds that we pray will benefit Rudy.

Our hearts are truly grateful and we’re so excited…if you are compelled to do so, we invite you to join us by making a donation to “Team Rudy” and/or help us spread the word.  We have set a goal to raise $10,000 by September 27th which would put us a little over a grand total of $50,000 raised by Team Rudy since 2010. Wow! AMAZING!! You can click on the link HERE to donate (fast and easy) today or to learn more about the American Heart Association.  

As faithful Rudy’s Beat readers know,  Rudy continues to be in limbo regarding treatment to his heart but he has made amazing progress developmentally this year. He loves his new school, adores his big sibs and is rarely seen without a BIG smile. We count ourselves truly blessed and continue to navigate this journey one day at a time. Thank you for your investment and support along the way…we are forever grateful and we love you right back!!

Come join us for cupcakes on the 27th if you can…look for the “Team Rudy” tent on Cabrillo right across the street from the Fess Parker resort rotunda (at the crosswalk)…you can’t miss it!  🙂  

Truly grateful for another blessing-filled year with this goof ball!
Truly grateful for another blessing-filled year with this goof ball!
A beautiful day in Santa Barbara last year...Heart Walk 2013!
A beautiful day in Santa Barbara last year…Heart Walk 2013!
Rudy walking the first block on his own!!!
Rudy walking the first block on his own!!!  Heart Walk 2013
Yay Rudy!!!!
Yay Rudy!!!!  Heart Walk 2013


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