Happy Back-to-School Day!

Today marked the start of the 2014-2015 school year for our kids.  We also said goodbye to Oma after her 2 week visit.  It was a big day (especially for Livy and Rudy who started at new schools) with some mixed emotions (sad to see Oma go, Livy’s nerves over starting Jr. High) but we’re ending the day on a happy note…Rolf, Olivia and Max ran off to the beach to surf as soon as Rolf got home from work…a big hurricane swell came in (!), Wilson is having a rare quiet evening at home and Rudy is quietly playing with a basket of cars after a 2 1/2 hour nap!!!  Ha Ha

The last few weeks have been so packed…right up to the end of the summer which made today feel like a crazy abrupt start to  structured life again. I may not be ready for summer to be over but I’m super excited for the kids…it’s going to be a great year!  

– Wilson is embracing his senior year with GREAT enthusiasm,

– Max is excited about playing hockey again this season and looking forward to a stellar sophomore year,

– Olivia has so many new experiences waiting to happen as a 7th grader – she’s going to LOVE the greater independence and responsibility that comes with being in Jr. High.

–  And, Rudy?  Well, he started at Mountainview Elementary today as a full-fledged Kindergartener in a split special ed/typical class.  It’s a good placement for him and we expect the fun trajectory of progress he has been on lately will take flight in this new educational environment.  

I anticipate there will be much to savor this school year!

Rudy had his routine appt with Dr. Harake (cardiologist) last week and his heart function looks as it did after the stent implantations in July…stable for Rudy so it looks like we’ll have a procedure-free fall.  Yay!  It would be great for him to have an uninterrupted season of school and therapy.  Big stuff!!  🙂

‘Hoping your summer is wrapping up nicely.  Happy Back-to-School Day to you and yours!

Fun with Oma!
Fun with Oma!
Pic with the big sibs!!
Pic with the big sibs too!!
All smiles heading back to school!
All smiles heading back to school!
Car window "Love notes" to Wilson by Olivia and Rolf.
Car window “Love notes” to Wilson by Olivia and Rolf.
Olivia and Dahlia giving us the 7th grade thumbs up!!
Olivia and good friend Dahlia giving us the 7th grade thumbs up!!


7 thoughts on “Happy Back-to-School Day!

  1. What a great bunch of grandchildren I have it was so much fun !! Sad to have to leave, My I phone is cooling down after Rudy was kind enough to “hold it” for me a LOT !!!

  2. Wow! Oliviia is already the same grade as my homeroom class….oh my doodness!!! Love the pictures of Oma with the kids….she looks well! I know you’re secretly looking forward to the structure of fall, Trish!!! Hope you can enjoy some new songs, new coke flavors…etc.

  3. Rudy, I know you miss your playmate, Oma! Now you can concentrate on making new friends at school. This will be a great year for you and your sibs, so God Bless all of your family as you transition back to school routine. I love all of you!!!!!

  4. You guys go a great job on keeping us up on what is going on. Blessings, Blobby and Marilyn Clinton

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