A Week of Extremes

It’s Vacation Bible School week at our church and that means all hands are on deck in our household as we all have our volunteer assignments!  Now that the big kids are older, it’s a real blast to get to partner together in this special ministry to kids in our community…it’s such a great week for our family but it’s also a bit sad for me as it falls, every year, on the anniversary of my dad’s death.  Dad died 4 years ago today of  brain cancer.  Tragically, I learned this morning that a local friend so dear to many of us, a loving wife and dedicated mother of 3 died last night after her 21 month battle with cancer…her fifth occurrence of cancer in the past 27 years.  Hers was an amazing journey of faith and love for people…she had a deep desire to know God and share what she knew to be true of God to others.  She experienced God in her day to day journey like no one else I’ve known.  I rejoice in her home going to Jesus and all that awaited her in heaven but my heart is heavy for her family and I’m going to miss her presence in our community…her comments of encouragement on Rudy’s Beat…her friendship.  This is a sad week.

me and dad circa 1968
me and dad circa 1968






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