Headed Home

After an early morning echo exam, Rudy was cleared for discharge.

We’re headed home…with a stylish new hat!

6 thoughts on “Headed Home

  1. Well dear Rolf and Trish, you have navigated another tense two days at UCLA and Rudy was ;the usual little trooper through it all. How I would “fix” it all if I could. Since God could and does not, we will have to watch His glory be performed in His perfect way. May you get some rest, some way. Love to all!

  2. Such good news…..all to be taken with joy and prayer…..what a trooper he is!
    Great hat!,
    Many blessings, Linda

  3. We are at Mount Hermon for the summer but continue to follow Rudy’s Beat. We continue to pray for you all and are blessed that this whole procedure went so well. What a brave little warrior he is and what brave warriors you all are.

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