Sleep Tight

Rudy did great today! He was out of the OR by 9:30am but we had to hang out in the PACU most of the day waiting for a bed to open up in the PICU. Nurse Joseph treated us right with a big selection of movies and even scored me a coveted comfy chair while we waited. We finally got settled in the PICU at 4:30pm. I thought for sure Rudy would fall asleep once we got settled but it’s 7pm and he’s still sitting up happily greeting everyone who walks in the room…Mama is tired (up since 3am) so he may be on the nurse’s watch here soon if I fall asleep before he does! Ha ha ha. So grateful for the good care he’s getting once again in this familiar unit and so grateful for a successful procedure all around. Thanks for your prayers! Sent from my iPhone

8 thoughts on “Sleep Tight

  1. Phew! Another series of butterfly kisses touched you Rudy. We are all so thankful your surgery went well. Now we will fervently pray for no infection as you heal. Have a safe trip home. Love you, little sweetheart.

  2. Hope you both slept well,after this post. God is so good bringing him through one more hurdle. We loved you drive safely. Love the face time !!!!

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