A BIG FAT Thank You!

It’s hard to believe we flew home from Florida a week ago today!  As expected, we jumped right back into the routine of work, school, housework and I’m still trying to get everything unpacked and put away. 🙂  We’re also still processing our thoughts about our time away so be on the lookout for a recap post soon but in the meantime we wanted to shout out a big, fat thank you for the blessing that unfolded yesterday…

We are now the proud and joyful owners of the InogenOne portable oxygen concentrator!  We were totally blown away by the unit on our trip…Rudy didn’t  seem to skip a beat adjusting to it and it was not only so easy to manage but it was also just so nice not to have to think twice about his O2 supply when we were out and about on our long excursions.  I returned the unit we borrowed on Monday wistfully hopeful that we would one day be able to work out the remaining details to acquire one for Rudy permanently (lots of technology goes into these nifty gizmos and that makes them expensive).  I was surprised when our new friend Mike at Inogen called me yesterday and asked if I could drop by before the workday ended because he had a surprise for us!  When Rudy and I arrived, Mike sweetly said “there sure are a lot of people who love you guys” and presented us with a brand new unit with accessories!!  Thanks to the folks at Inogen and dear mysterious angels who chipped in, Rudy now has his very own “pump,pump” with which he is very pleased!

Thank you Inogen!  Thank you, dear friends!  The power of community is a mighty force…we are feeling it…we are empowered by it…and we are intensely grateful for it!  Thank you!

A picture says a thousand words!
A picture says a thousand words!

15 thoughts on “A BIG FAT Thank You!

  1. Very cool!! A bit jealous I will admit. Ha. 🙂 So happy that Rudy has a mini concentrator to have around town. I was told absolutely not when I asked about a pulse flow concentrator, not sure why, but I am going to be pressing the issue. We pay $350 every other month for a rental of a sequel 3 (continuous flow) concentrator and it’s not nearly as cute and compact as the Inogen. Hugs to Rudy.. can’t wait to hear about your trip!

  2. How long until McDonalds calls Trish because Rudy grabbed his IO and drove his red scooty thingy through the drive-thru…

  3. Your post brought tears to my eyes….God is so good and His grace abounds. Thanks to all those who made this possible for the Rudester! Amazing.

  4. We are SOOOO thrilled for all of you about the fabulous trip, countless precious experiences,and now the amazing gift of your very own pump pump machine! thanks for sharing all the great news and photos. Love, Mayali, Kyra, and Andrea and John

  5. I often wonder how/why I have been so blessed to have the sterling children that Dick and I raised who now make my life worthwhile! When the generous gifts come to Rudy’s family I am overwhelmed by the generosity of so many folks who give anonimously to help with the cost of his care. Must be a “God thing”. Thank you all!

  6. Prayers answered! The magic of individual people, with passion and imagination, who can change lives with their generosity. So happy for Rudy, and for the increased ease of caring for him in his widening world!

  7. Yeah!!! How cool…. your ouwn pump, pump. You know God is soooo thoughtful, isn’t He. Can’t believe you’ve gone to Flo and are back ‘already’. welcome home Geyling Family… Blessings on you all.

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