Date Night!

The big kids all had plans so Trish and I were gonna have a little date with Rudy. Didn’t really have the location worked out but Rudy decided Cottage ER would be nice. Little seizure episode. Docs are checking a few things through with UCLA. Should be outta here soon!

9 thoughts on “Date Night!

  1. Rudy knows how to bring people together. Sweet boy doesn’t need to go to such extremes :
    Here’s to another less stressful date night sometime soon.

  2. I hadn’t checked in on Rudy in awhile. I am sorry about all the constant stressors like this that come up, but I am in amazed to see how good he looks and how much he is LOVED. You guys are amazing. . .

  3. The celebratory mood was shot down quickly. So sad to hear of this resurfacing. Another med change? Not good timing with the big fundraiser event tonight for the SB Mission.

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