Medical Update

‘Just a quick recap of Rudy’s appointment with Dr. Harake today…

There is no official word yet regarding decannulation.  Dr. Harake hoped to talk with Rudy’s surgeon, Dr. Brian, later today.

Regarding Rudy’s heart, Dr. Harake heard an irregular heartbeat so after the routine monthly echocardiogram, he ordered an EKG or ECG (of which, btw, Rudy IS NOT a big fan).  The irregular heartbeat was detected on the EKG printout but it only measured a few seconds of activity so Dr. Harake has ordered a Holter monitor test to monitor Rudy’s heart for 24 hours to determine whether or not the irregular heartbeat is a hiccup that is putting Rudy at risk as this point.  The Holter monitor test is scheduled for September 20th and once Rudy is hooked up to the portable monitor, he can go about his business at school and home while being tested.  Our next regular appointment with Dr. Harake is scheduled for Oct. 12th.  We’ll keep you posted…

11 thoughts on “Medical Update

  1. We’ll pray for you as you wait for these tests. 15 days seems like a long time, and hopefully the irregular beat will not be a huge risk for Rudy. Praying!

  2. thanks for the update. Love the little schoolboy on yesterdays blog!!!!
    Hope the little guy can stop the funky heartbeats till the holtermonitor test. prayers to ALL

  3. I know those holter monitors! It bugged me. I bet he will do well. I don’t get why so long to have the test done?

  4. The challenge goes on…still have to take one day at a time don’t we? Enjoy every minute and know that all of this rests in God’s hands as He works through the medical staffs. Rudy, sibs, and parents………..I love you SOOOO much!

  5. Love and prayers for another “test.”……so glad Rudy enjoys school!!! …and that he has such a wonderful mom and dad and the best siblings any kid could want!

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