Back To School…for Rudy!

With Labor Day behind us, the fall schedule is definitely in full swing and it was Rudy’s turn to head off to his first day of school today.

Rudy’s new school nurse, Evelyn, came to the house early this morning to get acquainted and learn Rudy’s care regimen before the bus arrived to take them both to the Bear Club classroom.  Our Rudy was happy to see bus driver Rudy again who has been reassigned to our Goleta route and happily went off to school with a big wave and a confident “Bye, bye Mama”.  Rolf and I stopped in at the classroom a couple of hours later to make sure his medical supplies at school were well stocked and he was settled.  Rudy was happily playing music with Teacher Diane and Nurse Evelyn when we left and fast asleep when he returned home on the bus (ha)…a tiring but satisfying first day for the Rudster…

Bus driver Rudy and Nurse Evelyn on Rudy’s first day of school 2012!
Off they go…

Music fun!
It’s good to be back…

As always…SO grateful for the great schools and quality education ALL of our kids are experiencing in our community’s public school system and praying for a lifelong love for learning to be stoked in Rudy and his sibs this year.

As we continue to focus on the adjustments for our family this fall season, our thoughts and prayers are with Daisy and her family as they are in Israel pursuing treatment for Daisy’s cancer that is not available in the U.S. Rolf and Olivia participated in a 3 mile paddle this past weekend in support of Daisy!  Love and hugs to you sweet girl!

Paddle for Daisy!

Rudy had an appointment with his pediatrician and gastroenterologist  last week and has his monthly appt. with Dr. Harake tomorrow.  It’s always fun to see Dr. Kelts (GI) but it was particularly fun to go to his office last week because we got to see our friend Tera!!!  Tera is a fellow La Patera, GVJH and DPHS mom and friendly neighborhood peds nurse on whom we have called many times when we’ve had those late night questions or concerns.  Tera kindly filled in for  Dr. Kelts’ vacationing nurse so we got to see our friend do her “professional nurse thang” on the clock for a change!  🙂  I love living in a small community where “everybody knows your name”.  Familiarity and friendship in the mundane daily details of a journey like this one brings such comfort.

Rudy and Nurse Tera!

We’ll be sure to report on any new news we glean from our time with Dr. Harake tomorrow…hopefully word from the cardiologists about decannulation!!!!!  🙂

Thank you for your prayers leading up to the start of school.  We are blessed by your commitment!

8 thoughts on “Back To School…for Rudy!

  1. Love the pix. Rudy is growing and learning so well. I again thank God for the normalcy your entire family brings to Rudy. It is such a joy to follow and I know Rudy would not be doing nearly as well in an “only child” family.

  2. Starting a four-day school regimen. Wow, Rudy, you are superboy! And I see you wear your big boy shoes. Here’s to another GREAT school year. Love eternally, sweet grandson!

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