All done

Got the call after 6pm and had the consult with the docs. Here’s Dr. Dan giving us the subclavian slideshow. More details will follow but in short: stable & steady progress. Probably no clear-cut plan for surgery at this point.

Just got to Rudy in Recovery. The woozy warrior greeted us with a smile. Thanks for praying for this amazing boy.

8 thoughts on “All done

  1. So thankful all went well today! That woozy warrior greeted you with a smile! He knows he is so loved.

    Love to you all!

  2. Whew, a long day for our sweet boy, wonderful parents and siblings, and his family and all of his extended circle of friends. These doctors and nurses are amazing gifted ones. Thank you for all that has happened today and for all the caretakers you provided, loving God.

  3. So grateful Rudy did so well. The “woozy warrior” is an “old hand” at this now, bless his little half heart. His “woozy” smile to you was so heartwarming and precious. He will rest now and have sweet warrior dreams. You all rest too…. : )

  4. Thank you Lord…for the miracles that continue to amaze us in Rudy’s little body. As you rest in Him you are such lights to us. oxo

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