Well, just as we wrapped up Wilson’s infected leg wound issue (yes, his culture came back positive for MRSA!  Thankfully, he was on the appropriate antibiotic at home so no further intervention was necessary) our household got hit head-on (no pun intended) with lice!!  Yep, for a gal who is a borderline germ-a-phobe, this isn’t a great week for me!  We’re not sure how long we’ve had it but we all have it and are on day 2 of treatment with accompanying laundry marathon.  I admit I’m feeling very overwhelmed and burdened with trying to treat everyone while keeping up with the constant cleaning that has to happen.  I dreamt last night that we got everything cleaned up, closed up and then left for an exotic vacation for 28 days (the recommended time one should keep things bagged up after treatment)!  Needless to say, I was sad to wake up.

The kids, on the other hand, have been amazing troopers (and Rolf?…quite the nit-picker!) and all are maintaining pretty good attitudes…I’m making everyone wear hair caps at home and there were even ideas thrown around last night for a “Lunch Lady” song…stay tuned!  Ha The silver lining in this is that we found Olivia’s lost iPod yesterday when we tore her room apart for a deep cleaning…that made us happy.  We have a huge week ahead…lice aren’t the end of the world but they sure are disrupting our world and are hard to manage when you’re low on emotional reserves to begin with…would you please pray…that we’ll nip this in the bud with this first 7-day treatment regimen and for, well, stamina, I guess?  So grateful for the friends who have been able to lend a hand and our prayer warriors near and far!  Bless you friends…Happy 4th of July!!!

Check out Rudy’s cute trach-tie tan line…posting it just because…


Rockin’ the hair nets!

Soooooo funny!

Rudy got his new “Superman” foot braces on Friday…
He’s practicing wearing them at home until we have clearance to go back to therapy (post lice treatments) and get a plan for their use. He doesn’t like them, of course, but he is cooperating! 🙂


My little encourager sensed I was having a tough day! 🙂







15 thoughts on “Seriously!?

  1. Oh gosh Rolf and Trish, I am sorry. I remember the lice days well. Anna was a magnet for lice. Will pray that 7 days will take care of things. Let me know if I can do anything for you!

  2. And I thought I was having a rough week with lots of demands on my stamina!! Not so much!! Lots of prayers for all of you and a quick exit of all bugs, germs, and all that etc. stuff that weighs you down!!

  3. Tough day, indeed! So sad to hear this news. You don’t need another thing with which to cope! Your prayer warriors are on duty and trusting you will get a break! Standing by for you — just call.

  4. oh boy! I remember nitpicking for hours in front of the Television watching Golden Girls, only to send them back to class to get another round of fun.
    I finally had to volunteer to check all the little heads in class and we found the curly headed culprit.
    I know treatments have improved since then, so hopefully one round will do the trick. I love how Rudy is laughing his head off in his cap.
    I promise one day you will look back and laugh, or at least smile?
    Saying a Prayer for your sanity right now!!! 😉

  5. Oh, my Trish and Rolf! Having dealt with lice many a time with many different people, I KNOW it is no picnic!! Praying for you both! One blessing, you’ll get those deep cleans done all over the house! HUGS!!!!

  6. OK, so the lice is a definite bummer. But how cool is it that Rudy’s got shoes on! Can’t remember the last time I’ve seen that…if ever! What a Big Boy! Love to all!

  7. Many thanks to you all, and especially to Olivia for helping us keep perspective. Praying for you guys! LOVE the laughing-in-the-face-of-adversity pic.
    Much love from the Fitches (& Earl)

  8. Oh, sooooooooooooooooo sorry to hear about the lice (okay, why am I itching right now??) Father, Creator of all things big and small, I pray for my friends that you would allow them to be lice free in record time. Thank you for giving them a sense of humor. Thank you that the ipod was found (!!!), too. Amen.
    Love to you all. Jo

  9. I don’t know how you do it, Trish! I’m also questioning that hug I gave you at church last Sunday as I scratch my head in paranoia!! :-). That drawing Olivia did for you is absolutely priceless. Love you, K

  10. Also I absolutely love Olivia’s note to you! That is a keeper for sure. Lovely little heart she has.

  11. I HATE lice, but they are not the end of the world. When we got them I wanted to shave my head, but thankfully Paul convinced me just to wait it out. One thing that we suspect may be helpful is swimming in the ocean. IT is just a theory, but since you are so close to the beach and feeling cooped up is not fun, you may want to test out our theory 🙂 Praying for you and for lots of encouragement and stamina for the nitpicking and laundry!

  12. Keep standing Rudy!! Luv the shower cap look….my but your Mom has been having an event filled summer…after this “bug” event, lay low and give her a break! Miss you, LaLa

  13. Well, crud. That’s just not fair! Praying it’s over and done at 7 days, that Wilson continues to recover well, that Rudy begins to enjoy being able to stand straighter and stronger with those cool Superman braces. Praying especially for you, dear Trish, to find peace and comfort amid the mess of this. Lice are NO fun at all.

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