Pimp My Ride!

Rudy got a very special delivery from Tri-County Mobility today…

Rudy’s new ride!

It took several months but Rudy’s new wheelchair arrived today…and after a few adjustments:

Greg from Tri-County and Wilson make the necessary adjustments.

Rudy was ready to cruise State Street…

Thank you Greg!!

We are so grateful for the many ways God has provided for Rudy’s mobility.  When our first attempt to get Rudy a wheelchair hit a frustrating dead end, we were incredibly blessed by the Ruppert family who passed down their daughter’s medical stroller to us almost 2 years ago (!!!) and just when Rudy started to outgrow the medical stroller, he qualified for CCS which opened the door for a second attempt at a wheelchair resulting in today’s delivery!   Wow!

Rudy also had cast molds made of his legs recently for the manufacturing of leg braces that we’ll start using in therapy…his cool Superman braces are due to arrive in the next few weeks so there are a couple of new adjustments ahead for Rudy in the DME (Durable Medical Equipment) department.

And all this excitement comes after a particularly full weekend that included…

…participating in a FB banana split party in support of Ryan Roberts (heart baby in Pittsburgh)…well, our little heart boy couldn’t stay awake but the rest of us enjoyed our ice cream!…
…a family trip to the drive-in to see, uh, sleep through “Brave”…
…sending Maxi off to summer camp at Emmanuel Heights for the week (missing him oodles already)…
…a trip to the ER with WILSON, this time, for some IV antibiotics to treat an infection in his leg…he’s thrilled…
…and, well, a pic that is just too cute not to post. Olivia has been extremely helpful in giving Rudy baths for me this summer…she’s spoiling me!

In addition to all the activity in our household, Rudy is starting to call the sibs by name…well, his names!  Wilson is “Bubba” (which we think is “Brother”), Max is “AppleD” (which we think is “Hi Buddy”) and Olivia is “I-ya”!  It is so precious and, of course, the big kids melt every time Rudy calls them by their nicknames.

He demonstrated that he’s really catching on to the name game when he called a local blog-friend by name as Rolf checked her blog for an update last night…we love you Daisy!

Okay, well I guess I better run…it appears I’ve been on the blog a little too long and not attending to Rudy much this afternoon given where he has ended up…

Poor boy…he didn’t quite make it to the paci behind his crib!
I guess this is just as good a place as any for a nap!

Life is swirling and we’re trying hard to savor each swirl!  Bless you friends!!

14 thoughts on “Pimp My Ride!

  1. Bless you all too. we savor every word and picture you send us.
    Now stay out of the ER, Wilson.
    Great job Nurse Olivia, being Mom’s helper.

  2. I cannot even put into words what it does to my heart to hear that sweet boy speak. Astounding. And if the summer keeps going at this pace, you all might not make it to the school year!! Sheesh! How did Wilson get an infection in his leg? I’m assuming skin infection, right?

  3. Grretiings from HOT,HOT Kansas! Phew–this getting up early to try to keep up with the yard and watering the wildflower bed late evening is my contribution to the homestead! However, my days are much lazier than yours! Rudy you are so clever taking naps after all that work to get to your pacifier. Thanks Wilson and Livy for all the help you give Rudy. And I know he will miss Max while he is at camp. I am so proud of ALL of you. God Bless

  4. Made me smile to read this.Blessings to you,my friend,and to the whole family.I look forward to reconnecting in the fall…Love…Donna

  5. Rudy’s new ride looks like a NASCAR driver’s seat… now it just needs InNOut & McDs sponsorship decals…

  6. Love to hear stories of God’s “just-in-time” logistics and inventory management systems at work! And now someone else gets to be blessed with the stroller, right! What an amazing God! Enjoy the swirls!

  7. Trish, looks like you and the family have been busy!! I love the new “Ride” for Rudy….secured O2 looks like a much better arrangement. And the tray will provide a nice location for iPad on the go. Hope all is well at summer school. Tell Rudy that LaLa will check in soon 🙂 Luv to all, Christy

  8. I just enjoyed every single picture and writings! You are such a special family…always prayers for Rudy and his family every night.

  9. Yeah great news all around. (Well not the ER) Hope all keeps going well this summer and you all enjoy it! Hope we’ll see you down our way sometime too. Prayers and Hugs for all. XXXXOOOO

  10. Your precious family means so much to us. We are thankful to be able to worship with you and keep up to date through Rudy’s blog. Hope Wilson is home and doing well. Guess Max will be home from camp soon. And Olivia the lifeguard! She is such a sweet heart! love you, the Minor’s

  11. What a long legged tan boy he is this summer!!! He has grown so much!!! So sorry about Wilson’s leg – no fun. Hoping you are all having a fantastic summer!

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