I was having a pretty good day..

Until they brought me to this stupid place again…

Rudy had an extended series of seizures this afternoon. Calmed down now and waiting for the docs to come up with a gameplan.

4 thoughts on “I was having a pretty good day..

  1. Continuing to pray and send you lots of hugs and kisses, dearest Rudy, and all the family!
    Aunt Andi, Mayali, Kyra

  2. Prayers continue every day and every night to our friend, Rudy – Blessings Janet Schafer, Chesapeake, Va

  3. I am so sorry. Continuing to pray for the little guy. I hope he does not need to come to UCLA but if he does I will visit. I have retired so no longer on transport. Love and prayers for all.

  4. Prayers going out daily for Rudy’s healing. Sorry for this interruption in his day (and yours).

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