Summer Heart Cath

Rudy saw Dr. Harake (SB cardiologist) yesterday and he would like to get Rudy’s next heart cath on the calendar for sometime in July.  Right now the available dates are possibly July 18th but it will most likely be scheduled for July 31st or August 1st.  He hopes to go in and devote the whole time to coiling collateral veins so it could be another long session in the cath lab for all involved.  For some reason, I had it in my head that we would pursue the next cath in the fall so I was a little surprised by the summer target date…it doesn’t really matter when we do it but this will be a helpful date to solidify as I work to chart out our summer schedule.  We don’t have any big travel plans but between Wilson’s summer school classes at SB City College, Max’s desire to participate in a theater camp and Livy’s plan to live in the water, the summer is already starting to fill up!  Ha Ha


We’ll also need to look closely at any plans we may have to wean Rudy off the trach if he passes the sleep study.  It’s so much easier to anesthetize and vent Rudy during surgical procedures when he’s trached so it could be wise to hold off on weaning him with a procedure coming up.  There are a ton of “what ifs” in that scenario and may even be a moot point if he doesn’t pass the sleep study so we won’t worry about it now but, I admit, the thought of delaying decannulation is disappointing.  We’ll see…


Rudy sees the urologist tomorrow so we’ll have more to report then…in the meantime, have a happy day!

Dolphin-boy at La Arcada


6 thoughts on “Summer Heart Cath

  1. A poster boy for something! What a handsome boy you are, Rudy! I hope you have a smooth-sailing summer. You will surely be able to walk as your legs strengthen–go for it! With that ability and getting rid of the trach you can really keep your family busy. Love you all so much!

  2. Giddy-up Rudy!!! You change every time I see you….and I see you keep your mama galloping to keep up to your schedule….she has that secret strength…God bless her heart!

  3. Cute and happy boy! Hoping for good news regarding the sleep study even if you can’t be de-trached yet!!

  4. Speaking of being a poster boy, are there any documented cases of kids like Rudy who have thrived for so long without the Glenn procedure? Seems like Rudy might be able to get in the Guiness Book of World Records at some point in the journey? Not that we need any more definitive measures of what a Miracle Boy he is, but….well I was just wondering!

    Love to all you crazies!

  5. WOW – Rudy Looks Great! Hope to hear/read Good News about the appointements … and maybe Livy has a Free Space living in the water for me 😉 A Lot of Love for all of you from Germany, Astrid & Wolfgang.

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